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D100 Dungeon - The Lost Tome of Extraordinary Rules

D100 Dungeon - The Lost Tome of Extraordinary Rules
Year Published
Self Published

The Lost Tome of Extraordinary Rules adds lots of new rules that can be added to your D100 Dungeon games. None of them have to be included, and you are free to pick and choose which ones to use. Just follow their instructions and have fun. The new additiones are as follows:

  • BEAST MASTERY (tame and use companion pets)
  • NEW FIND TABLE (with 100 individual entries)
  • ARTISAN (an extensive item crafting system)
  • EASIER INVESTMENTS (a new table for investments)
  • COMBAT EXPERIENCE (get better at killing monsters)
  • ARCANISTS (60 new spells & the new Arcanist hero path)
  • PROPERTY (buy property for items you can’t part with)
  • QUICK ADVENTURER (generate adventurers with one roll)
  • CHAMPION HERO PATH (unlock the Champion hero path)
  • QUICK EQUIPMENT (hero path relevant starting equipment)
  • NEW MAPPING TABLE (squared areas for easier mapping)
  • SPECIAL BLUES (blue areas become lairs and challenges)
  • TREASURE TABLE D (items found from Special Blue areas)

You will need the D100 Dungeon rule book to use this book.

You can visit for all the latest news and information on D100 Dungeon.

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