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D100 Dungeon - Tables and Game Sheets

D100 Dungeon - Tables and Game Sheets

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With the ever growing number of charts and tables that have been added to D100 Dungeon V3, it has became clear that players will want, and need them all in one place, in order to play their games.

Therefore, this book (Tables and Game Sheets) has been compiled with that in mind, and contains most of the relevant tables from the many sourcebooks released to date; and those from the main D100 Dungeon rule book. Please note, that some of the existing tables have been updated to reflect changes made by later publications, such as table D – Doors, which now shows door damage values from the rules “Blast those Doors” found in the book “D100 Dungeon – The Dragon Armour – Adventure Book One”. Please also be advised that nothing for D100 Dungeon is being released to make previous products redundant, and so, of the tables which have been compiled in this book, very few of the rules that relate to them are repeated. Therefore, you will still need to own those relevant publications in order to enjoy their use in your games.

Also included in the book are 18 folding book marks, showing artwork from the various D100 Dungeon publications, and all of the game sheets (in three different styles) needed for the D100 Dungeon main rulebook, and all the supplements released to date.

You will need the D100 Dungeon rule book to use this book.

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