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Deep Sea Adventure

Deep Sea Adventure Board Game

Game Information

2 - 6
Year Published
Oink Games

It’s time to dive into the ocean and race to uncover all the secret riches that hide below the surface.

Deep Sea Adventure is a travel board game for kids and adults alike, where players must spend half their time working together, and the other half hoarding treasure and oxygen for themselves. Just like all family strategy games, the rules are super simple. Turn by turn, players roll a dice to move their deep sea diver, either back towards the boat or deeper into the ocean. Whenever they land on a piece of treasure, they pick it up and add it to their collection. After three rounds, the player that’s returned the most treasure to the boat, wins. It might sound fairly easy, but there’s a hidden twist to this travel board game. Each diver must share the oxygen on the boat. The more treasure you’ve collected, the more oxygen you’ll use on your turn. The most valuable treasure might live at the bottom of the ocean, but you better be careful – you might not have enough time to bring it back to the boat, especially if the other players are feeling greedy as well.

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