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Tiny Footprint

Tiny Footprint

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1 - 6
Year Published
Gaard Games

A cooperative game about sustainability for 1-6 players where you try to reduce your carbon emissions to meet the climate target

In the game you play as a household or a group of friends trying to complete various environmental missions that reduce your carbon footprint. You need to reduce your carbon footprint to the climate target of two tonnes per person before time runs out.

You start by selecting where you live which impacts your starting emissions: city, countryside or suburbs.Then you select your lifestyle. This may not only change the starting emissions of the game but it is also a way of setting the difficulty level of the game. You can play at four different levels of difficulty; Normal, Tricky, Hard and Epic! Then you choose your characters. There are 16 different characters to play in the game, divided in to two categories; 12 regular Characters and 4 Gamers.

You can play as a group of friends or a family, even a single household. Each character has different abilities and resources that help them to beat the climate target.

There are three types of resources that help you reduce your carbon emissions; discipline, environmental commitment and finances.By using the resource cards you will try to complete climate missions. They come in four categories; transport, food, housing and other consumption.

There are also external factors that influence us when we try to live more sustainably. For instance, there are political and financial instruments that try to nudge us in the right direction and help us change our lifestyle choices. And there are mechanisms that make it harder; like advertising, habits and social norms. These external factors are represented in the game by the Encouragement/Resistance cards which are activated during the more challenging climate missions.

When you successfully complete a climate mission you get to reduce the carbon emissions on the board. When you have managed to reduce all emission categories to zero you have won the game. So you compete against the game and not the other players who you instead need to collaborate with to win the game.

Tiny Footprint offers a great opportunity to have fun together and to cooperate to win the game, at the same time as you get to learn about which actions have the biggest impact on reducing your carbon emissions

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