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Treasure Cave

Treasure Cave

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2 - 4

Treasure Cave is the sequel to our popular co-op game Forest: The Legend of the Manticore. According to legend, the heroes defeated the bloodthirsty Manticore and now stand at the entrance to the cave of the insidious monster. Manticore's Cave is a labyrinthine cave with countless traps and dangerous areas, but untold treasures await the brave and the brave.

Players have to find their way to the treasury located in the center of the cave labyrinth, and go through the path full of dangers and traps using their skills. The heroes take turns scouting the cave labyrinth in search of traps and magic spells, revealing parts of the secret map for all players. This is where our players need to use all their attentiveness, quick memorization skills and logic in order to keep in mind all the options for the passage to the center of the maze. And the player who was lucky enough to scout the passage and collect the necessary combination of skills and abilities, can try to go to the treasury and gain fame and fortune.

The game is based on a combination of card mechanics to collect combinations with elements of the classic game of memorizing the location of certain elements. As a result, we have an amazing memory trainer and amazing puzzle game.


Treasure Cave


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