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Athens: The Birth of Politics

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4 - 6
Year Published
Up & Away Games

Politicians compete and work together for the glory of Ancient Athens.

Athens: The Birth of Politics reflects the political life of ancient Athens, from the birth of Democracy to the titanic struggle with Sparta. Players cooperate and compete to manage its fortunes, especially its politics, wars and government.
Players must constantly balance personal advancement against the security of the state. They trade and fight to build up the empire, vie for power in the Assembly and on the battlefield.

Each player represents a specific class – Aristocrats, Merchants or Farmers – with its own Statesmen, (dis)advantages and goals. In a unique feature the game reflects the ancient Greek theory of Anacyclosis – the cycles of government – and includes Democracy, Oligarchy and Tyranny. Players can strive to change these forms, for their own advantage, and thereby alter the very rules of the game.

Player activities include
- collect income
- maintain bodyguards
- trade
- contribute to the state treasury
- plan a persuasion
- persuade another's statesman
- assassinate
- play action cards
- attract followers
- redistribute funds
- change faction leader
- sponsor events
- purchase discards
- make proposals
- negotiate
- vote
- elect officers
- send forces to wars
- fight a war
- earn influence and popularity
- stand for public reaction
- stand for trial
- draft action cards
- change the form of government
- resist oligarchy
- declare a coup
- support a coup
- fight a coup
- ostracize a leader

Players can achieve victory by a wide variety of means, including
- successful coup
- having the most popularity when the deck exhausts
- having the most popularity when any faction depletes
- having the most popularity minus votes and talents if the game ended in failure, that is, due to state bankruptcy, four or more active wars, loss or failure to prosecute a perilous war

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