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Migration: Mars

Migration: Mars

Game Information

2 - 4
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A competitive, Sci-fi strategy game of resource collecting, colony building, disaster management, decision making, dire trades, and devious betrayal.

Don't just build, keep your structures operating.

Don't just grow, keep your people alive.

Don't just survive, be the first to claim governorship of Mars!

There are 3 phases to each turn.
1. The colony phase: From your Headquarters, you make command decisions on population, event management, and exchange.
2. The Build phase: You have an opportunity to expand your colony. 
3. The Roll phase: Your Rover travels the exploration track where you then engage with each landing space.

Supplies are generated by the buildings you choose to build.
Resource types are collected by exploring. The quantity is determined by your mining capabilities.
Additional assets are selected at your supply stop. Assess and map out your strategy each time you visit your supply stop.

Grow your colony in order to accept more citizens from earth and keep them alive and well. 
The first player to reach the target population wins the game.

Events and actions may occur to derail your strategy and growth. Prepare for the worst.

Different buildings produce certain assets and/or provide specific functions. You may only build on certain terrain tiles. So build wisely. Build-able land may claim fast. 

Remember this is a race!

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