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Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl

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Games Workshop Ltd.

Blood Bowl is the game of fantasy football. No, not the geeky game of picking real NFL players and using their stats to determine games between fantasy team. FANTASY football. Dwarves, orces, elves, undead, trolls, choas mutants, the works.

The game is a hybrid board game/miniatures game as in it uses miniatures on a board. Game play is kind of a mix of American football and rugby. You try to score touchdowns, kills opposing players, foul, bribe the ref and so forth. It's general mayhem.

There have been 3 editions of Blood Bowl so far, plus the Living Rulebook, wich is currently on 5.0.

Blood Bowl can be played in one off games or in league mode in which teams can can permanent injuries, new skills, stat modifiers, new players bought, money earned and so forth.

Editor reviews

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I play using the living rules - check my comments for that. Overall Blood Bowl is a surprisingly analytical and sedate game given its wacky subject matter. The discrepancy actually hurts the game a bit, but it's still lots of fun to play.
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All-Star Game
I'm not sure even a 6 does Blood Bowl justice on 1-5 scale. It's a classic and probably my all-time fav. It's got everything: Orcs vs. Undead vs. Elves vs. Dark Elves vs Halflings vs. Chaos in a fantasy rugby/football bash. It's brutal, visceral and fast. It's got RPG elements so you can create your own star player only to have your heart broken when he's pushed into the crowd and ripped to shreds by rapid fans.

It's alright though because you can always buy a replacement.
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