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Age of Steam Board Game
J Juniper Updated March 15, 2019 1637   0
With the new Age of Steam Kickstarter, the old Age of Steam Legal dispute has resurfaced. As some people may be unfamiliar with the dispute we are reprinting this article originall published here in 2009 with an added up date from March 14, 2019,
J Jackwraith Updated March 12, 2019 1909   0
A slow-moving wargame that's often as much history lesson as game experience.
X xthexlo Updated March 07, 2019 1468   0
I generally dislike spending time and energy streamlining my game designs. To people who know my work, that’s probably a pretty obvious statement. Given the choice, I’ll always opt to move onto a fresh project rather than polish and tweak and refine.
W WadeMonnig Updated February 27, 2019 1964   2
When you have a family of six, as I do, getting everyone on the same page or interested in gaming on the same night is a rarity. When the stars do align, the number of interested or attending members can vary, along with how long they will be engaged in actually playing. Card games have virtually zero set-up time, don't require a huge time commitment and can accommodate a flexible number of players. The following card games are the ones that consistently provide the best experience for my family.
J Jackwraith Updated February 20, 2019 1986   0
Star Trek as a phenomenon. How its peoples and the way they changed can be viewed through the best game ever made for it.
J Jackwraith Updated January 30, 2019 2043   0
Well regarded, but never a huge hit, Theseus tests the concept of "rules complexity".
tomb of annihilation
SI san il defanso Updated January 27, 2019 1582   0
A D&D adventure for people who like slogging through jungles and wearing mosquito repellent. It's better than it sounds.
J Jackwraith Updated January 15, 2019 2020   1
What was the next generation in globe-spanning, six hour wargames, Supremacy is rarely remembered.
From the Depths: Rune Age
J Jackwraith Updated December 05, 2018 1802   0
The definition of what a deckbuilder should be.
The Ten Greatest Spiel des Jahres Winners
SI san il defanso Updated December 03, 2018 1584   0
Without much fanfare, 2018 marked the 40th edition of the Speil des Jahres. There are now forty games that have had the title of Game of the Year bestowed upon them by German-speaking board game critics, and the winner can expect to become one of the best-selling games in the world.
194 results - showing 1 - 10
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