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It Came From the Tabletop! - Betrayal Legacy, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magical Athlete
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Join Josh and Al as they talk about what games they just played, going beyond mere reviews and into mechanics, genres and where games fit in the hobby itself.
After a brief hiatus, Josh and Al are back and making up for lost time.  First up is some talk about Betrayal Legacy but it's more a setup for our adventures in Dungeons & Dragons.  We finish the night off with Magical Athlete and discuss why it's one of the most important games in our collections.  It's "A Very Special Episode" if there ever was one!
Betrayal Legacy
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Game Information

Betrayal Legacy takes the concept of the original betrayal game, exploring a haunted mansion, and adds permanent changes and a multi-game story arc that define the Legacy concept. At Pax Unplugged it was announced that the new game will feature a prologue and a thirteen-chapter story that will take place over multiple decades. Players will represent members of a specific family, with some characters aging within the story arc and possible family descendants making appearances.
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2 results - showing 1 - 2