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Star Trek as a phenomenon. How its peoples and the way they changed can be viewed through the best game ever made for it.
It Came From the Tabletop! - Star Trek: Ascendancy and Civilization: A New Dawn
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Join Josh and Al as they talk about what games they just played, going beyond mere reviews and into mechanics, genres and where games fit in the hobby itself.
Star Trek: Ascendancy, Civilization: A New Dawn, Trashfest Northeast 2018

As Josh and Al recover from a busy weekend of playing games, they talk about two of their favorite empire building/4X games.
Star Trek: Ascendancy
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Star Trek: ascendancy, the strategy board game of exploration, expansion and conflict. Command the Federation, Klingons or romulans. Your decisions shape the galaxy. Which strange new worlds you discover and what paths you chart create a different map every time you play.
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Barnes on Games- Barnes' Best GOTY 2016
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Spoiler- It's Star Trek: Ascendancy
Star Trek: Ascendancy
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you GOTY 2016.
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