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Fields of Fire
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Fields of Fire is a solitaire game of commanding a rifle company between World War II and Present Day. The game is different from many tactical games in that it is diceless and card based. There are two decks used to play. The Terrain Deck is based on a specific region and is used to build a map for the various missions your company must perform. The Action deck serves many purposes in controlling combat, command and control, various activity attempts. The units of the company are counters representing headquarters elements, squads, weapons teams, forward observers, individual vehicles or...
Churchill Board Game
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By late 1942 the Axis had been stopped at Stalingrad, El Alamein, and Guadalcanal. With Axis expansion halted and Allied victory only a matter of time and resources Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin began to focus on how to shape the ensuing peace to their advantage. Churchill is a game about the inter-Allied conflicts that occurred over the Conference table as each side vies to control the Allied agenda and the course of things to come. 
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They struck with the ferocity of a thunderstorm on the open prairie. Once they were a relatively feeble tribe, dwelling in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Until, that is, they came into possession of horses. And so it was that seemingly out of nowhere, they emerged as an unstoppable force, the greatest light cavalry ever seen in the western hemisphere. They called themselves Numunuu, “the people.” Their Ute cousins called them Kumantsi, “someone who wants to fight me all the time.” The Spanish called them, “Comanche.” Between 1700 and 1800 these “lords of the southern...
Skies Above the Reich
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Skies Above the Reich is a solitaire game depicting a Luftwaffe squadron of Bf109s struggling to deter and destroy the relentless daylight raids over Germany during World War Two. The player's individual aircraft, each represented by a stickered block, must confront the mighty "combat box" formation of the United States Army Air Force, a deadly terrain of B-17 Flying Fortresses. 
Skies above the Reich
Staff Blogs R repoman Updated January 30, 2019 818   0
A solo game of the struggle between the pilots of the Luftwaffe and the bombers of America's 8th airforce in the skies over Germany at the height of World War Two.
Fort Sumter Board Game
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Fort Sumter is a two-player Card Driven Game (CDG) portraying the 1860 secession crisis that led to the bombardment of Fort Sumter and the American Civil War.
Hunt for Blackbeard : A Simulation of the True Events of 1718 added to GMT's P500
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Hunt for Blackbeard is a two-player boardgame that portrays the effort in 1718 by the colony of Virginia and the Royal Navy to track down the notorious pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach) as he sought refuge in colonial North Carolina. It features the historical events, places, and personages involved in Blackbeard’s demise 300 years ago, and the real-world challenges of “golden-age” piracy and pirate hunting.
Fort Sumpter GMT Games
Board Game Reviews A AndrewMcAlpine Updated January 28, 2019 1298   0
Epic conflict, not so epic playtime.
Expansion or Extinction: A Triumph and Tragedy Series Game added to GMT's P500
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Expansion or Extinction takes 2 to 4 players into a future where Sol, after colonizing many of the closest stars, succumbed to internal pressures and died in a fiery holocaust of future weaponry. Now earth’s colonies are recovering, and beginning to exert their own dominance on the stars around them. Based on the award-winning Triumph and Tragedy game system, Expansion or Extinction expands upon this proven and highly popular game system.
One Mechanic Review: Comanchería
Analysis GS Gary Sax Updated January 30, 2019 5357   0
Ages ago I had a article series where I took games in my collection and thought about them via the one mechanic I think defines them.  Today I’m going back to that with Comanchería from GMT Games.
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