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Duhr: The Lesser Houses
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In Duhr each player is the master of a Lesser House of Duhr, vying for Great House status. Players take turns using cards in their hand to trigger events, place suspicions and scandals on each others House, or activate their Houses unique ability to affect cards already placed. Whoever has the highest score, based on the cards on their House and their secret agenda, wins. It is possible for a disfavored or vilified House to outscore a favored House and win the game! Table talk, card trading, and deal-making are encouraged.
Analysis X xthexlo Updated March 07, 2019 1468   0
I generally dislike spending time and energy streamlining my game designs. To people who know my work, that’s probably a pretty obvious statement. Given the choice, I’ll always opt to move onto a fresh project rather than polish and tweak and refine.
Zimby Mojo
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Zimby Mojo is a co-opportunistic game -- The players must work together to advance the game to a winnable state, then turn against each other as opportunities arise until a winner emerges. Each player takes on the role of the all-powerful shaman of a unique tribe of creatures called zimbies and uses their and their tribe's mojo to try to topple the Cannibal King and take his place as the ruler of the zimby tribes!
Bemused Card Game
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Bemused is a card game for 4-6 players in which the players take on the role of a muse seeking to elevate their chosen human virtuoso to the greatest height of celebrity and influence. To do so, the muse must eliminate their virtuoso's rivals by levying doubts and dreads upon them until they are driven insane.or worse.
Bemused Review
Board Game Reviews MT Matt Thrower Updated January 30, 2019 5450   0
According to some literary theory, an author's interpretation of their own work is no more or less valid than that of any reader. If we apply the same to game design, what do we make of designer Jim Felli's insistence that Bemused is not a social deduction game? It looks like one, smells like one and plays like one so, in the face of so much evidence, we can only put this down to a case of madness, right?
Zimby Mojo Review
Board Game Reviews MT Matt Thrower Updated January 30, 2019 6437   0
When you open a modern board game, you don't expect to find what looks like a Parcheesi board. You especially don't expect to find it set in the midst of lush Mesopotamian jungle or to be decorated with bizarre sigils. Then you flip through the lavishly illustrated rules, picking out phrases like "blood mist" and "cannibalism". We're not in Kansas any more. I'm not sure quite where we are, but I don't think it's a place I'd want to go on holiday.  
Barnes on Games- Zimby Mojo in Review
Board Game Reviews MB Michael Barnes Updated January 30, 2019 6729   0
Jim Felli is Back.
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