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Wildlands Board Game
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The great Darkness has fallen, and the Empire with it.
Board Game Reviews MT Matt Thrower Updated January 21, 2019 4274   0
I'm looking at a box, and one of my earliest memories is looking back at me. An implacable figure in a blue-black jumpsuit, eyes obscured behind a helmet and joints protected by padding. On his chest is a gold badge emblazoned with a single word: Dredd. I drew this character in felt tip, from memory, before I was even able to read, without knowing who he was. That's how deep Judge Dredd had embedded in the psyche of '70s Britain.
Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth
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For years he's been the law in Mega City One, but now it's time for Judge Dredd to bring justice to the rest of America. It's time for him to venture into the Cursed Earth.
The Lost Expedition
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Legendary explorer Percy Fawcett marched deep into the Amazon in search of El Dorado. He was never seen again. Your team has gone in search of him, but now you hope to escape the jungle with the greatest treasure of all: your life.
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The box art has a charming Tintin look, without that annoying quiff. All pith helmets and tangled undergrowth. Inside there are two decks of cards. The big one has a tab to unwrap the shrink, but the small one doesn't. I try to open it with my thumb and, to my horror, I mark a card. Diving to the rulebook in a mild panic, I determine the damage is to a map card, part of the board. So that's okay.
The Adventuring Party Expansion
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The Adventuring Party has arrived, bringing four classic adventurers to the Wildlands. Play as a thief, a wizard, a cleric, and a barbarian, asserting your dominance over your opponents and immortalizing your status as fantasy favorites. A word of warning - these characters don't like to be left out, and will invade your game whether someone is playing them or not, stealing your treasure and punching anyone in their way.
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: A Board Game of English Magic
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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell has players compete to become the most acclaimed magician in 19th Century England, while also accumulating enough power to take on the mysterious gentleman with the thistledown hair. Players must balance social engagements, impressing peers with magical feats, collecting rare books, and developing their magical craft.
Wildlands Board Game Review
Board Game Reviews MT Matt Thrower Updated January 24, 2019 6928   0
The more Martin Wallace tells me about Wildlands, the more impressed I get. It's clearly built on his wargaming roots but has evolved to become a quick-playing asymmetric game of fantasy combat. He tells me it's easy to learn, playable out of the box, but with plenty of mechanical depth.
Cryptid Board Game
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Cryptid (n): a creature whose existence is disputed or unsubstantiated. The word is passing throughout the Royal Society of Cryptozoologists - a new creature is close to being discovered. The first to discover the beast in its habitat will get the glory of naming it! Each among you holds a clue, but it is only through clever deduction that you can be the one to discover the Cryptid!
Cryptid Review
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Crytpid isn't out yet, but nevertheless, it sits on the table, a cryptic puzzle: at once real and unreal. Of course, it draws players like a honeypot.  "I've heard about this!" "How did you get it?" "Have you read the rules yet?"
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