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March 05, 2019
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March 29, 2019
It is time for the war ravaged kingdoms to rebuild, but their treasuries lay barren. In order to get the gold they need, they will have to turn to the wealthiest - and most dangerous! - individual they know...The Dragon!
Cthulhu Realms
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In Cthulhu Realms, each player tries to reduce their opponents to insanity or have more sanity than their opponents when the deck runs out.
Cthulhu Realms – Bigotry and Racism Not Included
Board Game Reviews ES Egg Shen Updated January 31, 2019 5872   0
Confession time! I never played Star Realms. It was the "Little Deckbuilder That Could" and it charmed the hearts of gamers across the globe. Hell, it came very close to becoming a bon-a-fide sensation. So the only logical thing left to do was license out the game mechanics and let someone slap Cthulhu all over it. After some extensive research (read: almost none) I've found that Cthulhu Realms shares roughly 93% of the same DNA as it's Pappy. Basically, if you like Star Realms you can stop reading the review. You're already going to know if...
3 results - showing 1 - 3