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Three-Dragon Ante: Legendary Edition
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Three-Dragon Ante: Legendary Edition is a re-imagining of the original classic Dungeons & Dragons Three Dragon Ante, a casual standalone card game of chance for two to six players.
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Quarriors!, published in 2011, was the first "Dice Pool Building Game," modeled on the deck building genre but substituting dice for the cards. It was a huge hit, winning Origins Award for “Best Family, Party or Children’s Game” in 2013. It recieved 5 expansions and was eventually the basis for the Dice Master series. A new edition, Quarriors!: Qultimate Quedition, which includes the base game and all five expansions, is scheduled for release later this month, which seems to indicate that Quarriors! remains popular. But what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Did you ever play it? Do you...
Quarriors!: Qultimate Quedition
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Quarriors is (still!) a fast-paced Game of hexahedron Monster combat where you must strategically balance your options Each turn to earn more Glory than your opponent (and this ultimate quedition maximizes your options)!
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As a Quarrior - a mighty, mystical warrior - only you have the power to capture dangerous quarry from the untamed wilds! You must conjure the mysterious powers of Quiddity, cast powerful spells, and summon your creatures to battle if you hope to overcome your rivals and earn your rightful place as the champion of the Empress!
Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone
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Resource-rich planets have been found in the Neutral Zone and both the Federation and Klingon Empire are out to exploit them! In this simple flicking game, players will flick discs representing the various ships found within the Star Trek universe. These ships are used to collect resources or attack other ships. Collecting resources (energy and command points) is accomplished by bringing a collector ship within range of an energy or command point planet. To attack, you must use your attack ship to hit an opponents ship off the planet or board. Successfully attacking an opponent will award a command...
Nemo Rising: Robur the Conqueror Board Game
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Nemo Rising: Robur the Conqueror is a cooperative board game that follows the new adventures of Captain Nemo and the crew of the Nautilus, as reintroduced by C. Courtney Joyner in his novel, Nemo Rising. The game allows 1-4 players to assume the roles of the protagonists of the series, Captain Nemo, Sara Duncan, Adam Fulmer, or Ulysses S. Grant, as they explore new worlds, overcome dangerous obstacles, and complete challenging missions.
Beyond the Edge Board Game
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Ancient enemies at war have brought ruin to the galaxy. A final act of desperation has caused the folding of space and time, destroying all but a small star field of systems. Within that star field, on the free planet of Orion, you have been recruited to stem the tide of pirates who have blockaded their small sector of space. However, it is what is beyond those pirates that will change your destiny, and the universe, forever.
Tournament at Camelot
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In the time of King Arthur, knights displayed their skill and prowess at tournaments held throughout the land. In Tournament at Camelot, you play as a legendary character (Protagonist), battling opponents with weapon cards—Arrows, Swords, Deception, Sorcery and even Alchemy. The more you injure your opponents, the better you fare in the tournament. However, even the most injured characters can make a complete comeback with the grace of Godsend cards and the aid of their special Companions. This trick-taking game ends when one opponent has been injured to the point of death. The player with the most health is...
Hako Onna
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The scary men arrived. My father, in a panic, pushed me down into a way-too-small box. I heard my bones snap, but dared not scream. I heard angry voices…then nothing. Father never came back. I was left alone. That was a long time ago. I’m not alone anymore. Sometimes, people come play. I like to play hide and seek. When I tire of playing, I eat.
Smash City
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Smash City is the action-packed game of Kaiju combat! Toss your giant monster dice at your foes to perform devastating attacks! Crush cities and spread fire, electricity, poisonous gas and radiation! Throw cars and destroy tanks! Inflict maximum carnage like a true Kaiju!
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