• I noted on the VIDEO GAME thread that I was participating in a Backlog Attack--an effort to get through some of the games that have been building up in my inventory. With Humble Bundles, sick multiple platforms, and an actual job that people pay me money for; I am officially spoiled for choice with respect to my gaming hobby. 

  • First thing you notice when entering this hobby, is that this is a social hobby, sure there are some solitary games but that's not the forté of this hobby. 

    At the heart of the hobby lies the social interaction between the different players and that can significantly affect your experiences with games, the same game played with different game groups can result in vastly different experiences.

    For me it's one of the great things of this hobby, you get pitted against other people (usually with better A.I. than is currently programmed in your video-games), you get to meet a diverse crowd of people and make some friends amongst them.

    Surely this provides no shortage of annoying things to put up with, but as long as you're having fun you can overlook most of them.  However, there's somethings that I just don't like and will kill my experience and discourage me from playing that person again.

     I've discovered that a bad loser annoys me, this hobby is a social one that emphasizes the use of the mind not brute force, thus one would expect to play with gentlemen and grown up men but that's not always the case when:

    -the player says he was unlucky, he would've beat you if that die roll had turned out differently, really?  I mean a game is full with decisions and a win can be pretty narrow at times, but trust me if you've played it differently from the beggining maybe the game would've been different and the score would have reflected it.  Having a bad roll can hurt but you're playing a game with dice so already knew from before that you'd have to accept the results of the dice.

    -the player says you won because you got a card that granted you the win, really?  Well, unless some bizarre M:TG card that might or not exist, I don't think there's a card that really hands you a win, most of the time you have to make them work but please learn that sometimes no matter how well prepared you are life will throw you unexpected obstacles, it's ok if you complain the first time but if you're already an experienced player then don't complain, if it's such a ruiner for you then don't play the game anymore.

    -they curse you, well most certainly this isn't what I came for, so just turn around and go before the punches start flying.

    -the player lectures you and how you got lucky and won not because you were better, but because some error he made or something he missed.  Well, you can talk all you can but actions speak for themselves, so deal with it.

    When playing please be nice and if you lose make sure you congratulate your fellow gamer as he just earned it, if you're bitter don't take it out on the guy, let some steam off and think of the mistakes you made and how you could've won, maybe next time you'll win and you'll appreciate playing a well mannered gamer.

  • I assumed that as The Spawn got older I would have more time for my own personal interests. It makes sense, doesn't it? At 13, she doesn't require constant supervision. She can entertain herself. I can leave her alone in the house without being arrested for child neglect. She spends most of her evenings doing homework anyway. Unfortunately, I have found that I seem to have less free time and am generally more exhausted than when she was 8 - 10 years old.

  • Banditos, a new and rather under-the-radar game from Baksha games, isn’t going to win any awards for its design. It’s a disorganized, somewhat sloppy game plagued with a badly written and confusing set of rules that fail to convey the relative simplicity of its gameplay. The enormous card deck which drives the game is ridiculously bloated with redundant cards. It’s an amateurish mistake- throwing in the kitchen sink instead of brandishing the editor’s machete. The first third of it tends to be oddly paced and hesitant, with players waiting to fish multiple cards out of that giant deck to really get the game started. There are a couple of errors and the card backs are poorly printed with indistinguishable markings between decks. Banditos, a game about robbing banks, looks like a heist gone wrong at the outset.

  • Nicholas Cage is...good again?

  • Yay, new Armada ships.

  • The worst best game of last year

  • Rubbing is not racing this time out.

  • A Ra Deal.

  • Like a Rainbow in the Dark.

  • Blue Eyes, White Hunter, Red Scorpion.

  • One is co-designed by a longtime TWBG member. One has dogs in hats. One is a Knizia classic. All are excellent.

  • "You suddenly regret playing the worst game of 2018. THE END."

  • The fine folks at Tasty Minstrel games sent over a package of some of their most recent titles so let's have a look at Harvest, Exodus Fleet, and Pioneer Days, shall we?

  • You know, for kids.
  • Back when we rebooted and relaunched as There Will Be Games a couple of months ago, I was suddenly flooded with review copies and titles that I picked up on my own that I wanted to cover. And I've fallen behind, so this edition of Barnes on Games is kind of a "catch up" on some things that I'd really like to get the word out on- some genuine surprises in this batch. So here's a pile of games and what I think about them.

  • Seven Games. One Box.

  • Build a circuit, make a fortune, or find a monster - the choice is yours in this edition of Barnes on Games.