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  • Barnes on Games: Portal of Morth in Review, SATOR, GWpocalypse stuff

    Morth's the pity?

  • Barnes on Games: Tigris & Euphrates in Review, Legendary Encounters

    I finally review Tigris & Euphrates...and they misspell the Editor-in-Chief's.

    Hot on the heels of our interview with Dr. Knizia, my review of FFG's new reprint of Tigris & Euphrates is up on the Review Corner. This is one of the best games ever designed and it is also one I've been playing for almost half my life - and have never lost interest in it. This is the very definition of a timeless classic and it's a great way for FFG to kick off their Eurogames Reclamation Project Euro Classics line. Fortunately, it is also one of the good FFG reprints- respectful, modern and with some new value-adding options. I hate that we're losing the great Doris Matthaus illustrations, but this is a damn fine looking edition of the game and I actually sold my ancient Hans im Gluck printing to make way for it. Seriously folks, it doesn't get any better than this.

    It is also, I think, one of the key games that supports my argument that a game does not require pictures, text or nomenclature to be thematic. Because what most people see as theme is actually more appropriately termed setting. This is a richly narrative game with a very distinct perspective on how ancient civilizations rose, expanded, and dealt with conflict. The themes are tied to key concepts of civilization, territory, prosperity, religion and leadership. The theme is not "Mesopotamian empires". That's the setting. The story and its themes are depicted and illustrated by the actions the players take and how these interact with the mechanical structure, not by paragraphs of card text and tons of pictures.  And as such, this game is far more "dripping with theme" than Arkham Horror or similar games ever were.

    Another game that has recently been lauded as "dripping with theme" (gag) is Legendary Encounters. I got a hankering to try it based on one of my writer's reviews for it so I picked one up. Before I get into this, I want to state up front that I like it a lot, at least from two solo plays of the Alien scenario.

    However, I don't think I've ever seen a license more poorly handled in ANY game. This includes dreck like that awful Batman game that Wizkids did a couple of years ago. And all you've got to do to see this is to look at the title. Legendary Encounters. WTF is this game about? Oh, there's a Marvel game called (for some reason) Legendary...does it have something to do with that? OH HANG ON, there's a subtitle- "an Alien Deckbuilding Game".

    Seriously, why would you bother with getting a license- a very popular and woefully underused one in tabletop gaming- and then practically hide the fact that it's an Alien game? It makes no sense at all that this game isn't called effing ALIEN. Or "ALIEN SAGA" or something to that effect that tells the world up front what it is. I hate to break it to you, Upper Deck...but there are exponentially more people in the world that recognize the Alien brand than those that have any idea what Legendary is. Such a misstep. And then on the back of every card- no cool faux-Giger background, just that navy blue with the gold Legendary logo. That looks like 1995. What a pity those are all laid out on a really cool playmat. Guess I can sleeve them just to avoid being reminded that I could mix these cards up and have Daredevil battle Xenos for some idiotic reason.

    But then it gets worse. I completely savaged Legendary for having such awful artwork, especially since it was a comics game and there was apparently zero effort to use any actual comics artwork. But this game actually looks WORSE than Legendary! Instead of going the CORRECT GF9 route and using stills from the film, they hired what appear to be the same artists that couldn't fucking draw to draw these cards. And since these cards mostly depict characters portrayed by real people, the results are STAGGERINGLY awful. The aliens, facehuggers and so forth look fine. But the people are so badly drawn that they are almost unrecognizable. There's one card in particular, Sister Ripley, that could not possibly have been drawn by someone who has ever seen Sigourney Weaver. The characters are almost laughably bad, which really spoils the atmosphere when you're playing a game that gets the themes and concepts right in a great setting, but blows it with crude comic art that wouldn't past muster in a D-list DC book.

    But I really like it, so there's that too.

    More Forbidden Stars, have played a few solo outings, a couple of two player games and a four player. It's really good, but I'm actually thinking about not reviewing it. I just don't really have anything interesting to say about it. It's really good *shrug*. It brings forward ideas from StarCraft *shrug*. It makes good use of the 40k setting and may be the best 40k board game aside from Space Hulk *shrug*. Maybe something significant will come out of all that that's worth writing about, I dunno. There are a few things I _love_ about it, especially how the objectives work. I also really like how streamlined it is for the type of game it is. I think I'd still likely choose Hyperborea, Kemet or Cylcades over it for more than three players. It's especially good with two, which those games aren't.

  • Barnestorming # :-| - Talisman IOS, Bioshock Infinite, Chrome

     It's tedious to go alone.

  • Barnestorming #+1 Fire Damage - Sentinels of the Multiverse Retroview, Warhammer Quest, Hanoi Rocks

     My god, this artwork...

  • Barnestorming #0.213- The Kickstarter Carnival, God of Blades, Morrison's JLA

    carnival-barker1 I got yer stretch goal RIGHT here...

  • Barnestorming #0.2312- Hooyah in Review, Worst Game Review Ever, Action Comics, Burl Ives

    More like "Hooey".

  • Barnestorming #00001- LOTR LCG Retroview, HOMM3, Year Walk

     One does not play LOTR LCG with just the Core Set.

  • Barnestorming #000013- Re-Reading Knizia's LOTR, GOME, Santa Claus

     Better than War of the Ring? Yep.

  • Barnestorming #09832- Article 27 in Review, Wii U, Captain America, Phil Spector

    Game comes with a hammer.

    On the Table

    Kind of in a gaming drought lately- but I have played Dan Baden’s Article 27 a couple of times, and I love it. It’s a great negotiation game that feels inspired by classic proto-hobby games, and it really feels quite different than other games in the genre out there. We played it a couple of weeks ago after playing the absolutely worthless City of Horror- another negotiation game- and it felt so refreshing to play such a focused game with just a couple of smartly used mechanics instead of a bunch of bullshit, phony theme elements. Exploding water tower…heh, I think that was my most hated game of the year. Anyway, Article 27 is great and I reviewed it. I don't really like to review friends' games due to obvious reasons- particularly if I've played prototypes or may have influenced design decisions- but I haven’t seen Dan in some time, and I didn’t even know he was working on this. I thought he was still trying to find a publisher for Firehouse Flop

    Tried to get a review copy of Legendary, was told they gave out of review copies. Won’t buy another deckbuilder, but I sure would like to play it. Anyone try it yet?

  • Barnestorming #1: Letters from Whitechapel in Review, Goth, and Yo Gabba Gabba

    I’ve decided to change the format of my weekly post since many members have trouble reading my reviews at Gameshark due to the evil corporations they work for blocking the site. I can’t post the content that Gameshark purchases from me here due to both legal and ethical reasons, but I can bring some of the things I’ve been discussing with members in the forums to the front page. Sharp eyes will notice that most of this material is pretty much what I used to post into the “What X are you Ying” thread- with our new focus on content, it makes more sense to bring some of that discussion forward. Plus, I really like Ken B.’s off-the-cuff, monologue-style format for his weekly post so I’m going to completely rip it off. Since he stole my “in Review” schtick, we’ll just call it an even trade and I’ll let the lawyers know we’ve settled. I don’t have a title yet. Suggestions welcome.

  • Barnestorming #10- War of Honor in Review, Gamorzilla, les Demoniaques, and Wu Lyf

    A great Shinto priest once looked at the moon over Mount Fuji and said “Barnestorming #10”.

  • Barnestorming #1012- Summoner Wars IOS in Review, Demon Knights, Brave

    sw It has arrived.

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    karnaxis What's your life's ambition? Barnestorming #12.

  • Barnestorming #128- Branham on Descent 2, Rules Writing,

     Needs a FAQ.

  • Barnestorming #13: Battleship Galaxies in Review, Bastion, Swans

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  • Barnestorming #14- AEG Expansion-o-rama, Catherine, With Sympathy?

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  • Barnestorming #15- Smallworld: Underground in Review, Black Swan, Work for Love

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