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  • Origins Awards 2019 Winners

    The Academy of Adventure Game Arts & Design announced the winners of the 45th annual Origins Awards on Saturday, June 15, 2019.

  • Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition - Open for Preorders

    Celebrate a decade of curing diseases with the game that started it all. With new art, a special box, and quality components, this special anniversary edition is a must-have for fans of Pandemic.

  • Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America Announced

    Team up to find a cure.

  • Paris : New Eden Announced by Matagot

    A post-apocalyptic dice drafting game.

  • Philippe Keyaert's Twin Tin Bots kickstarter page updated, pnp sampler now available.

    Our campaign to fun Philippe Keyaert's Twin Tin Bots will end in about 10 days, on Nov. 15.
    It has started slow and we have only reached 32% of our $40.000 so far, so I have sought feedback from various groups, starting with the project supporters. I received a lot of constructive criticism, and it led to a complete revamp of the project page.
    This revamp appears to bear fruit, as new pledges are coming to support the project.

    Today, we have released a print and play version of the game for 2 players. The best way to evaluate a board game and to know whether it's a game for you is indeed to play it : 'The proof is in the pudding' as they say in the U.K.

    We believe the project can still succeed, given the right exposure. It is a solid game by an all star designer, and we are actively monitoring community feedback.

  • Philosophia: Floating World Coming this Spring

    Explore feudal Japan as you fight epic monsters and discover ancient wisdom.

  • Plaid Hat Games Re-acquired by Original Founder Colby Dauch

    Plaid Hat Games is a US-based tabletop games publisher, founded in 2009. The Asmodee Group is a leading international games publisher and distributor with operations located in Europe, North America, and China.

  • Posthuman Saga

    In Posthuman Saga you play as one of the last human survivors in a world where nature is reclaiming the planet and our mutated offspring are working to eradicate us.

    Just over a year ago all you wanted was to find the Fortress, the last human bastion in a region overrun by mutants. Today, you're being sent out beyond the safety of its walls on a journey into the uncharted Wilds. There's a dozen survivors for every mouth the Fortress can feed. It's time to earn your place within its walls once and for all.

  • Premium Reprints of the Original AD&D Rulebooks to Support Gygax Memorial Fund

    Wizards of the Coast will begin selling reproductions of the original AD&D rulebooks on April 17th, 2012.



  • Press release - New publisher, "Flatlined Games"

    Press release - For immediate distribution

    New boardgames publisher : Flatlined Games

    Flatlined Games is a new boardgames publisher, based in Brussels, Belgium.

    Founded by Eric Hanuise, Flatlined Games publishes and develop complex board games, with strong themes and multiple game mechanics, for demanding players.

  • Press Release--World at War: Operation Garbo on P500



    LNLP Announces World at War: Operation Garbo on P500

    Rocky Mount,VA, August 4, 2008 –

    World at War: Operation Garbo takes the popular World at War game system into the hills and valleys of Sweden as their long-kept neutrality is violated by the Soviet Army. Swedish forces include its upgraded Mark 4 variant of the British Centurion tank, the famous Swedish S-tank—which has no turret!—and the PBV 302, a combat-proven APC. Other units include AT helicopters, tracked TOW and SAM launchers, and the hard-hitting, but fragile, IKV 91 tank destroyer. Home Guard units made up of old men with old rifles and fast, jeep-driving recon units support the heavier tank units. 

    World at War: Operation Garbo is the latest expansion (you must own either World at War: Eisenbach Gap or World at War: Blood and Bridges to play) in the World at War series. It features 176 counters, two mounted 11” x 17” maps, and 6 scenarios. Click here for the full story: Operation Garbo


    Founded by award winning author and game designer Mark H. Walker, Lock ‘n Load Publishing develops and publishes commercial board and computer games. Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s games include Lock ‘n Load: Forgotten Heroes, Lock ‘n Load: ANZAC Attack, and Lock ‘n Load: Band of Heroes.

  • Psycho Raiders Reprinted for Halloween

    Emperors of Eternal Evil have reprinted Psycho Raiders just in time for Halloween.

  • Q&A With Cynthia Michaelson, Jinteki Corporation PR

  • Quartermaster General WW2 second edition - Announced

    In Quartermaster General WW2, players take command  of the major powers of the Second World War, and supply is crucial to keep their armies and navies fighting. They are challenged to destroy enemies’ supply lines to lead them to surrender.

  • Ramen! Ramen! Announced by Japanime Games

    You’ve landed a spot on the line at one of the best ramen shops in the world — at least to the locals. It’s a cozy three-seat where the ramen better be worth the wait. So, you’ll need to work quickly and carefully to send Bowls flying.

  • Reign: The Card Game

    Reign: The Card Game is on Kickstarter find it here:

  • Renegade Game Studios Expands Partnership with Hasbro with G.I Joe, Transformers, and My Little Pony

    Renegade Game Studios is thrilled to announce multiple new categories and properties, for hobby gaming, as an extension of their existing partnership with Hasbro, Inc.. With this expanded partnership the G.I. Joe, Transformers, and My Little Pony brands join Renegade’s already successful Power Rangers line to their family of games. You can look forward to new roleplaying and deckbuilding games which will begin hitting shelves in 2021.

  • Resident Evil and Star Trek games out now

    re-deckbuilderClassic video games franchise, Resident Evil, has been made into a deck building game and is out now!
    The game allows players to choose their favourite character from the video games. They then start with only the most basic of items and weapons and as the game progresses will build on these to improve their chances of defeating the Infected!
    In addition to the game, simply called Resident Evil, there are no less than 4 additional expansions. ‘Resident Evil: Alliance’ and ‘Resident Evil: Mercenaries’ are stand-alone expansions, but the other 2, ‘Outbreak’ and ‘Nightmare’ can be played as add-ons to the base game. All 5 games are available now for around £25.
    Furthermore, 3 new Star Trek card games have also been released, based on both the original series and The Next Generation. 2 of the games are based on The Next Generation name, the second of which is also called ‘Next Phase’ which features different characters and scenarios from later in the series. All 3 games can be played alone but are also compatible with each other to allow the biggest fans the ability to mix and match as they please. All 3 games are available now for around £25 each.
  • Restoration Games Announces Key to the Kingdom

    A whirlpool of fun fantasy and adventure.

  • RISK: FACTIONS in Review

    When they said that the new RISK: FACTIONS XBLA game was going to have cats and robots in it, I was skeptical. When zombies were mentioned as one of the factions in the game, I started losing interest. But it's a good thing I didn't, because not only do I get to do another one of those pro video game reviews that will put my name in lights (on Metacritic at least), it's also a pretty good edition of RISK. In fact, I almost wish that any new version of the printed game would bring forward some of the new things in the video game. I like the cartoon style, I like the factions (but they need a special power or something), and I like the special buildings.

    Too bad the AI is terrible. As good as the presentation and interface is, you just can't match a human player in this kind of game.

    Coming up next: SNIPER: GHOST WARRIOR, which is kind of like the straight-to-DVD version of a  CALL OF DUTY game, and probably another review or two that will not, under any circumstances, break 1200 words.