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  • Board Games on Kickstarter (Feb 27)

    A pile o' games on Kickstarter


  • Buffalo-Based Brother and Sister Duo Alex and Rachel DiNunzio Look to Raise $14,000 via Kickstarter for Their Hilarious Group Board Game, "The Breakup Game"

    Sibling Duo, Alex and Rachel DiNunzio, look to Kickstart their game design company, Xander Gaming, and their first game, The Breakup Game.  Alex and Rachel need your help to make it happen!

  • Bye-bye D&D Minis

    From the WIzards of the Coast Webstie:

    "We have made the decision to depart from prepainted plastic miniatures sets. Lords of Madness stands as the final release under that model. We will continue to release special collector’s sets (such as the Beholder Collector’s Set we released last fall), as well as make use of plastic figures in other product offerings. Check out the Wrath of Ashardalon board game next month for the latest example of this. Moving forward, we will continue to explore more options for players to represent characters and monsters on the tabletop, including Monster Vault and other D&D products that feature monster and character tokens."

  • C. C. Higgins Railpass

    C. C. Higgins is now available. 

  • Call to Adventure: The Name of The Wind

    Set in the world of Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicle fantasy series, The Name of The Wind Expansion adds new Challenges, new Destinies, and new mechanics unique to the author's world to Call to Adventure.

  • Canadian Game Design 2011 - Winner

    Matt Tolman with his new design Undermining wins Canadian Game Design of the Year Award for 2011.

  • Canasticus - The Game That Launches a Thousand Faces

    Canasticus Games Launch New Personalised Fantasy Card Game on Kickstarter

  • Castle Con 2011!

    New Toronto-area Gaming Con with Essen Exclusives!

  • Catan 3D Collector's Edition Announced

    The island of Catan rises up from the table for an immersive game experience like no other.

  • Catan Starfarers

    A Classic Returns!

  • CAVE EVIL begin Reprint funding!!!

    The time has come. The Summoning of Evil has begun. 420 games must be pre-ordered to commence printing!

  • Cave Evil: Chaos Pack #1

    More cave! More evil!

  • Chaos Isle - Black Virus Combo

    New From RealmsMasters Game Forge:

    Now, RealmsMasters Game Forge makes their Virus-Fueled Zombie Saga more attainable than ever! Introducing

    Including the Chaos Isle: Zombi Deck Core Game
    All first 3 Expansions (Fresh Meat, Reinforcements, The Lunatics)
    The Rise of The Creator player interactive enhancement for Chaos Isle
    and the new Survivors character upgrade for Chaos Isle

    All for just $30 (a whopping $29 savings!) and Dirt Cheap Shipping all over the world!!!

    Available only from our the RealmsMasters Game Forge website:

  • Chaos Isle - Survivors Expansion

    New From RealmsMasters Game Forge:

    ~ Survivors ~
    Character Upgrade for CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck

  • Christian T. Peterson to Step Down as CEO of Asmodee North America

    Cristian T. Peterson has announced that he is stepping down as CEO of Asmodee North America to focus on family, health, and the pursuit of other interests.

    The complete press release from Asmodee North America follows:

    Roseville, MN – Long-time hobby games entrepreneur, designer, and industry veteran Christian T. Petersen told staff this week that he would be stepping down from his role as CEO of Asmodee North America at the end of 2018. Petersen, 46, founded Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) in 1995 and served as its CEO until FFG's merger with Asmodee in 2014, at which time he moved into his current role.

  • Clank! Legacy Acquisitions Incorporated Coming Soon

    In Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated, you're part of the greatest adventuring company in all of the planes - and you may just end up saving the world!

  • Clever Mojo Games To Publish New Game Design by Bruno Faidutti, Sérgio Halaban, and André Zatz


    Edmonds WA, USA - October 16, 2011 - Clever Mojo Games announced today that they will publishHaathi, a new board game by noted game designers Bruno Faidutti, Sérgio Halaban, and André Zatz.
    Haathi (hah-thee -- the Hindi word for elephant) is a family-friendly board game for 3 to 6 players and depicts a fantastical elephant race through the villages, jungles, and mountains of storybook India. Haathi is light enough to entice young gamers and competitive enough to test experienced game enthusiasts.
    Clever Mojo games will begin interviewing artists and graphic designers in the near future and will work closely with the game designers and an assortment of play testers to refine Haathi into a top-tier game. Haathi is tentatively scheduled for release in late 2012 or mid 2013.
    Bruno Faidutti lives in France and is best known for his Spiel des Jahres nominated Citadels card game and his recent Lost Temple board game.
    Sérgio Halaban and André Zatz live in Brazil and have collaborated on may games together, including the recent Ouro de Tolo card game and the Spiel des Jahres recommended Hart an der Grenze card game.
    Clever Mojo Games is a small independent game publisher located in Edmonds WA, USA. Their first major board game release was Alien Frontiers (2010) designed by Tory Niemann. Factions, the first expansion to Alien Frontiers, will be released in early 2012 along with a new city-building game, Sunrise City, designed by Isaias Vallejo.



  • CMON Limited Announces Zombicide: The Role Playing Game

    CMON Limited announced today that they have partnered with Need Games!, an up-and-coming Italian RPG publisher, to design and publish Zombicide: The Role-Playing Game (Z:RPG), based on the celebrated board game franchise.

  • CMON to launch Trudvang Legends board game

    CMON Limited will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Trudvang Legends, an upcoming storytelling board game based on the successfully crowdfunded Swedish RPG: Trudvang Chronicles. Steeped in epic Nordic and Celtic myths and sagas, players will take the roles of legendary heroes who make their mark on a dynamic, everchanging fantasy world.