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  • Dice Age, the new era of playing dice.

    Tristan Convert, a french game inventor is about to revolutionize playing dice with the release of his creative dice line: "Dice Age"
    The game was invented in 1997 as a piece of art. More than 13 years later, the game finally gets a chance to be launched on the market via the kickstater platform.
    The project should gather $10000 in 20 days. It's an epic looking dice game with colorful, strange colored dice, with many ways to play. Back it now!

  • Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game

    The Black Flame Candle has been lit.
    Now the Sanderson witches you must outwit;
    Or with a wretched evil potion,
    A foul spell they’ll set in motion.
    Stun the witches and ruin the brew
    Before the sun can rise anew!

  • Disney Villainous Hints at the New Foes in Upcoming Expansion

    Disney Villainous, the popular game family game, hinted in their social media at which villains will be included in the second expansion for the game.

  • Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks Release Dates for Four Expansions Announced

    Four expansions for Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks are expected to hit stores 2018 Q3. Each expansion comes with 2 new Doctors, new locations, dilemmas, companions, and Timey-Wimey cards

  • Downforce: Wild Ride

    Wild Ride, an expansion for Downforce, consists of two new tracks on a double-sided game board, along with 3D ramps and wild animals to be used on the new tracks.

  • Dr. Gaius Baltar replaces Christian Petersen, releases BSG Game in October

  • Dragonball Z: The Board Game Saga Announced

    Whether it’s the perfected fighting methods of Cell, or the pure chaos of Buu, Dragon ball Z has some of the most iconic villains, and their respective sagas, in anime history.

  • Dune Board Game Expansion Announced

    This expansion adds two new houses, the Ixians and the Tleilaxu, to the Dune board game.

  • Dune: The Board Game - Release Date Confirmed for GF9 Edition of this Classic Game

    The Spice Must Flow - DUNE - a game of conquest, diplomacy & betrayal. 

  • Dungeon Petz- Vlaada Chvátil's Sequel to Dungeon Lords

    Dungeon Petz appears to still be at the prototype stage. It was demoed at Gathering of Friends, and is scheduled to be demoed at the UK Games Expo. It is expected to be released at Essen 2011.

    Excuse me for saying this word on the Fort, but sounds absolutely adorable. It seems to have the potential to appeal to that generation of young gamers who grew up playing the various 'take care of your pet' e-games - Neopets, Littlest Pet Shop, Webkinz, and, of course all the DS Petz games. Since my house is littered with all of these, I'll be keeping an eye on this game.


  • Dungeon Run Rules Available for Download

    Download the Rules Here

    The Dungeon Run rules are now available for download. This is your chance to find out what the game is all about.

    You can pre-order now from the plaid hat games store HERE

  • Dungeons & Dragon's Next Iteration Announced!

    Wizards of the Coast announced that the next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons is currently under development! Wizards is enlisting the help of D&D players from around the world, with an extensive open playtesting program starting this spring. Fans can do their part to help shape D&D’s future by signing up for the playtest today!

    The ultimate goal of this next iteration of D&D, said Mike Mearls, senior manager, D&D research and development, in today’s announcement, is “a game that rises above differences of play styles, campaign settings, and editions, one that takes the fundamental essence of D&D and brings it to the forefront of the game.”


  • Earth Reborn's Official Website is Now Online

    Zman Game's Earth Reborn now has it's own official website:

    Discover the Earth Reborn universe and its characters, including illustrations, miniature photos, concepts, etc. (3 out of the 12 characters are online, more will come online later).

    Download the official Rule book and Background & Scenarios book.

    In the "Game mechanics" blog section, Chris Boelinger, the author, will discuss the many game design innovations in Earth Reborn.

    In the Scenario section, new official scenarios will be published in addition to the original 9 scenarios, including a brand new 3/4-Player Tutorial System under development for those players who wish to discover the game directly in 3/4-player mode.

    Players will also be able to publish their own scenarios on the site.

  • Elder Sign FAQs Finally Available at Fantasy Flight Games

    Elder Sign FAQ v1.0 is now available for download on the Fantasy Flight website: Elder Sign FAQs Support Page

    This document isn't just errata and answers to questions. These are significantly revised rules. There is no glossing over changes as "corrections." The document specifically states in a number of places that a rule has been changed or added. The rules are clearly written, and give the impression that over the past 4 months, a serious effort was made to re-work and re-playtest Elder Sign.

  • Emergence Roleplaying Game Kickstarter

    Emergence: An exciting new fantasy/sci-fi pen & paper RPG

    The game of Emergence takes place on Kython, where multiple genres intermingle to create a world that is exciting, fresh, and yet strikingly familiar. Sections of Kython are nearly indistinguishable from the world in which we live. There are cars, houses, trains, cell phones, and even the Internet. This creates a comfortable starting point to begin your explorations on this foreign planet. However, within this unassuming framework exist all of the elements of science fiction and fantasy that make those genres exciting. Magic, power armor, and advanced weaponry fill the world with new possibilities around every corner.

    As you venture into the world of Kython, the line quickly blurs between science fiction and fantasy. Castles, wooded fortresses, skyscrapers, and industrial complexes cover the landscape, while smartphones, cybernetics, and flying beasts are part of everyday life. The world of Kython boasts a rich diversity of settings to satisfy nearly any game style preference. Whether you prefer gunfights while blasting down the highway at 100 mph, fighting demons in a corrupted ruin, battling savage hordes to defend a village, or storming a skyscraper fortress to defeat an evil necromancer, all of these adventures and more are waiting for you. On Kython, these traditionally separate game styles come together in a way that is inspring, intuitive, and fun. The only limit is your imagination.

    For more information go to

  • EPIC PvP: Fantasy Announced by AEG

    Fun to 11 LLC and Alderac Entertainment Group Inc. (AEG), both publishers of fun and unique games, today announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership for Fun to 11’s new game EPIC PvP. 

    EPIC PvP is a fast, fun and unique card game. The concept is simple; take a class deck and shuffle it into a race deck to get a character deck. Players use those decks and the combos created by the unique pairing to battle each other.  


  • Eragra The Game of Eras and the First Step on IndieGoGo

    On IndieGoGo you can create a funding campaign to raise money quickly and securely. Our trusted platform has helped to raise millions of dollars for over 55,000 campaigns, across 209 countries.

    Anyone can start raising money right now on IndieGoGo! You can create a funding pitch, offer unique perks or tax deductions to your contributors in lieu of offering profit (you always keep 100% ownership), and get the word out! Each campaign has the opportunity to be featured on our homepage, placed in the press, or exposed via social media.

    Not ready to raise money yet, but want to see what's out there? IndieGoGo makes it easy to browse through thousands of campaigns, and to contribute quickly and safely. Looking to get involved or support something new – now's your chance!

  • Expansion or Extinction: A Triumph and Tragedy Series Game added to GMT's P500

    Expansion or Extinction takes 2 to 4 players into a future where Sol, after colonizing many of the closest stars, succumbed to internal pressures and died in a fiery holocaust of future weaponry. Now earth’s colonies are recovering, and beginning to exert their own dominance on the stars around them. Based on the award-winning Triumph and Tragedy game system, Expansion or Extinction expands upon this proven and highly popular game system.

  • F:AT Presents the SUMMONER WARS Design-a-Mercenary Contest!!!

    HERE IT IS, folks, the opportunity of a lifetime. Fortress: Ameritrash, in conjunction with Plaid Hat Games is offering you a chance to design a card for their great SUMMONER WARS game. Yes, that's right. Your name in lights. More than that, it is your chance to do F:AT proud and show the world what we're all about- awesomeness in gaming.

    See, Colby Dauch (aka screamingtruth), the game's designer, came to me and said "Barnes, I just have no idea what to do next. We've got these VANGUARDS and FALLEN KINGDOM expansion setscoming out for SUMMONER WARS and I'm drawing a blank on new mercenary cards for future sets. I'm totally out of ideas! I mean, I've got an evil swordsman made of rutabagas and a halfling that attacks with felicitous rejoinders, but I have no idea where to take this thing. Can F:AT come to my rescue?"

    "Yes, Colby. We will do you proud" was my response. So now, I pass the buck on to you, F:AT. But fret not, this is a mercenary gig so there is compensation. Yes, marvelous prizes, worldwide renown, and the accolades of many beautiful women*. Even better, the best submitted unit will actually put into production as part of the SUMMONER WARS world.

    Now, this is a contest so there's rules. And there are as such.

    Design a mercenary unit for SUMMONER WARS. Come up with a physical description of the unit (such as "made of rutabagas") as well as the unit's attack value, life points, summon cost and special ability (such as "attacks with felicitous rejoinders"). Submit this entry along with your name and shipping address via email to Colby at on or before March 1st.

    But Barnes, say you. I haven't played SUMMONER WARS. Well, that's a tragic mistake. But you can correct it by taking a look at the rulebook over that at Plaid Hat Games' website. It ain't hard. Besides, if you win, you get a couple of copies of the game so you can rectify your lapse in gaming judgment.

    Now, the prizes.

    1st Place: Your design goes into production and you get 5 copies of whatever product it appears in. You also receive 2 copies of each of the Starter Sets and 2 copies of each of the upcoming Vanguards Faction Pack and Fallen Kingdom Faction Pack.

    2nd Place: 1 copy of each of the Starter Sets and 1 copy of the upcoming Vanguards Faction Pack and Fallen Kingdom Faction Pack.

    3rd Place: 1 copy of each of the Starter Sets.

    The future release prizes will be sent upon their release.

    So there it is F:AT. Our first big contest. Do us proud. Make your mark on gaming history. Discuss at leisure below. But you're not going to get any of my ideas.

    Legal crap: By submitting an entry to this contest you are granting all intellectual property and copyrights for your entry to

  • F2Z Entertainment announces the acquisition of Plaid Hat Games

    Rigaud, Québec, Canada (July 29, 2015) – F2Z Entertaiment, Canadian game publisher of the brands Filosofia, Z-Man Games and Pretzel Games, announces today the acquisition of American publisher Plaid Hat Games. The new entity, now operating under the name F2Z USA Corp., will be operating out of Dallas, Texas.