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  • Board Game Barrage 99: Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow

    It's getting close now, can you feel it? Or are you just feeling sore from the game you just lost? We're talking sore losers and sore winners: people who are hard to be around when they lose or win a game. What can you do to avoid being that person, and what games bring out the worst in us? Before we fight our feelings, we talk about Paris: New Eden, Glory to Rome, and No Swap No Pay.

  • Board Game Barrage: Chasing the MacGuffin

    We're joined by the Blue Tank for a quick look back at SHUX, before we dive into a discussion on games that are better than their mechanics suggest. These are games that we might describe as not very good, but somehow still give us incredible experiences that we find distinct and unique. But that makes them good, right? Before we lose all credibility, we talk about Kingdomino Duel, Panic on Wall Street!, and Blood on the Clocktower.

  • Board Game Barrage: Classified Information

    Inspired by BoardGameGeek's new system for classifying board game mechanisms, we give our thoughts on the changes, as well as talk about classification in general. Somehow it always leads to heated discussions, whether it's arguing what a Civilization game even is, or why we need classification at all. I'm sure we'll all agree in the end. Before we taxi into taxonomy, we talk about Piepmatz, Era: Medieval Age, and Cursed Court.

  • Board Game Barrage: Player Archetypes - Timmy, Jenny, Spike

    Mark Rosewater, head designer for Magic: The Gathering, defined three player archetypes back in 2002, and we figured it'd be fun to see how we can apply them to, not just board games, but your three beloved hosts. We look into what makes a Timmy, Tammy, Johnny, Jenny, or Spike tick, and try to find some board games each might like. Before we profile ourselves, we talk about FlickFleet, Québec, and Ra.

  • Brainwaves - Golden Gnomes

    Iain has been trying to bring the Brainwaves garden under control but much to his annoyance has found the place overrun by wrestling Gnomes. 

  • Brainwaves 35: Future Flight

    Iain & Jamie are back from their vacation with a longer cast than normal to catch up on all the tasty boardgame news. They are joined by Glenn Ford of Man O’Kent Games to cover Kickstarter Unions, CMON time machines, trucks full of dice, when RPGs go wrong and much more! 
  • Brainwaves 36: Creaking Brains

    That sound isn't the Brainwaves HQ starting to strain under the weight of all the new interns, no it's the sound of Creaking Shelves recently installed by our latest guest Matt Evans, we really must get professionals to do this kind of thing. Matt joins us to discuss Kickstarter Unions, cash prizes, fast food RPGs, discuss "Killer Games" and much, much more.

  • Brainwaves 37: Wizard Brains

    Iain and Jamie are joined by magic man Richard from We’re Not Wizards. Together they cover actual Kickstarter Fraud, Kittens getting their hands on lots of money and visas being denied for Essen. In our Brainstorm they look at online communities and discuss whether they should all be amalgamated into one. All this and more, on this week’s Brainwaves.

  • Brainwaves 44 - Robot Club

    Iain Chantler has established a Robot Fight Club in the basement of Brainwaves HQ and who better than James Hewitt to help him get it setup. Iain McAllister is enthusiastic about the idea but James really needs to help out around the place if the club is going to stay, so he joins the Iains on the cast. 

  • Brainwaves 56 - Pulsating News

    Jamie has returned from the depths of the Brainwaves HQ with the help of Iain C and large quantities of caffeine. 

  • Brainwaves 58 - Moldy Shamblers

    The cast has hit 10000 downloads and Iain M is throwing a party! 

  • Brainwaves Episode 105 - Triple Threat

    Iain and Jamie are back in the studio to bring you the latest tabletop news.

  • Brainwaves Episode 106 - Card Jam

    Iain and Jamie are back from Tabletop Scotland their bags bursting with the latest in tabletop news.

  • Brainwaves Episode 107 - Magic Judgement

    The team are back to bring you the latest in tabletop news. This episode they lay out the history of nuTSR and Wizards of the coast before bringing you the latest developments in the case. Alongside this they look at cheating controversy in the world of chess, Origins shaking up the Awards, Gamefound announcing new initiatives, and more on episode 107 of Brainwaves.

  • Brainwaves Episode 108 - Opening Moves

    Iain and Jamie are back behind the mics to bring you the choicest cuts of tabletop news.

  • Brainwaves Episode 115 - Counterspell Conundrum

    Iain and Oliver are back in the studio while Jamie takes a break from the cast.

  • Brainwaves Episode 119 - Mythic Magnate

    The team are all back together once more to bring you the best in Tabletop Gaming News.

  • Brainwaves Episode 126 - Spiel Special

    Oliver has been on special assignment in Germany attending the Spiel des Jahres ceremony! To celebrate the award, and to learn more about it, we bring you interviews with the winners and with a member of the jury, Martina Fuchs. Never fret though, the episode is still full of the good, bad, and ugly news of the industry. 

  • Brainwaves Episode 127 - Artificial Malevolence

    The team of three are back together to bring you the latest tabletop gaming news in Brainwaves Episode 127. From AI declarations, to new materials, and games becoming tv series becoming games, no news escapes the Brainwaves watchful eye.

  • Brainwaves Podcast - Rolling Smart

    The team dare to roll and welcome the excellent Mike Barnes back to the cast. This episode we cover the announcement of the Teburu smart board, along with how to pronounce it, Spiel des Jahres winners, deaths of some giants of the industry, Digital innovations and much more. In Brainstorm we turn our attention to the biggest conventions and ask if there are just too many games.