FATcast WBC Special Edition Part 1

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FATcast WBC Special Edition Part 1

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WBC Special Edition Part 1
Matt and guest host Sagrilarus interview boardgame designers, publishers and participants at the World Boardgaming Championships.
Torben Sherwood of Valley Games; John Poniske designer of Lincoln's War, King Philip's War and Leaping Lemmings; Rick Young designer of Europe Engulfed, FAB: The Bulge, Leaping Lemmings; Andy in Kuwait with a special report on the Kuwaiti gaming scene.

Matt Loter went to WBC and all we got was this #!@*ing podcast.
The first of a two part World Boardgaming Championship special edition of the FATcast with interviews of boardgame publishers, designers and WBC participants. Plus two very special messages from Will Kenyon. Can you find both of them?


There Will Be Games
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