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TOPIC: For Sale - 40K and Shadow War stuff

For Sale - 40K and Shadow War stuff 10 Sep 2017 17:23 #254021

Some day I'm really going to need to admit that I really don't have enough interest to completely build, paint, and deal with the rules of miniatures games. I'm not willing to do that yet, but I am willing to admit I'm not going to play this one at all. Here's what I've got:

Shadow War Armageddon rulebook - I've read it. it's in as good a shape as you'd get off the shelf at a store. - $25

Dark Eldar Wyches box - This has enough parts to make 10 Wyches. It's opened and uncut. - $20

Tau Pathfinder box - Same as the Wyches. It's unclipped - $20

Ork Boyz - I believe this is the sprues from the box set. You can make a good number of Boyz out of it. I can post pics if you want to see what it is. - $10

5 Necron Warriors that I got from hotseatgames. They're built with the green rod on them. - $5

I'll sell it all or part it out. I'm also not sure if those prices are legit or if that makes them too expensive. Happy to lower them if it helps move the stuff.

Flat $6 shipping on whatever. These things shouldn't cost much to ship and if it costs more than that, I'll just eat it.
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