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Storage Solution Suggestions

16 Aug 2018 16:53 #279930 by Shellhead
Here is a thread where we can help each other figure out how to make our games fit in boxes for transport. Usually this will only come up when somebody wants to store their expansions with the base game, or in the case where a game just doesn't fit right once you have punched out the token sheets and assembled the miniatures.

My current challenge is different. Just months after Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower came out, I picked up two stripped sets for cheap on eBay. Cheap like $50 plus shipping for both. I got everything, except the miniatures (which I didn't really want) and the boxes. Then I also got a stripped Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal set, also without minis or box. I want to store all three together, along with the tokens that I made to replace the minis.

I am currently using a good-sized Plano box that mysteriously got abandoned in my basement at some point during my 4-year D&D campaign. It's the size of a decent-sized tackle box, only taller. Everything fits for now, but I'm not thrilled at having to stack the map tiles in a big messy stack in the bottom of the box. Those map tiles are really nice quality cardboard (almost as nice as the ones in Space Hulk 3rd edition), and I would hate to see them get warped or otherwise damaged. The tokens are sorted in several ziploc bags, while the cards and small cardboard bits are kept in the toolbox-style tray in the top of the box.

I googled this issue, but for most Silver Tower players, the real storage problem is the miniatures. So their solutions don't match my problem.

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16 Aug 2018 18:55 #279939 by SuperflyTNT
I almost always cut up the 90 SEAL Team Flix foamcore boards and make inserts for boxes. Cheap, relatively quick, and EXACTLY how I want them.

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