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Let's Talk About... Root

19 Sep 2018 20:41 #281926 by Not Sure
Replied by Not Sure on topic Let's Talk About... Root

Michael Barnes wrote: Ha! I saw Not Sure’s post after I put my review up.

Not Sure: It’s not like the game of a generation or anything.

Barnes: It is the game of a generation.

That's pretty classic stuff there. Your review wasn't up yet when I was writing that.

I almost put something in my response to Shellhead's timeline that a few weeks ago you were totally fawning over it in the other thread, and we hadn't heard a word since GW dropped that Rogue Trader box on your doorstep. I figured you'd given it up to paint space suits and huff fumes.

I think it's a good game, but the rest is just mass hysteria. I'll be surprised if it's forever-shelf material for you. It's certainly not a game for everyone, since it's quite direct about what it does. If the zeitgeist says "asymmetric conflict is the new worker placement!" I'm gonna be a pretty happy guy, but lets just say I have my doubts on that.

(for PBEM, I'm still in, but I can't commit to a game until early October. Going to Kauai for a week on the 29th, and I hope to not even see the Internet while I'm there...)
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19 Sep 2018 20:45 #281927 by SaMoKo
Replied by SaMoKo on topic Let's Talk About... Root
I like the assymetry in the game, I dislike the limited strategic scope of each faction. Maybe that lessens with more plays, and maybe it varies with each faction (with the Blue Jays, I felt a little underwhelmed by how straightforward the game felt).

I’m not gonna knock the game on fragility with inexperienced players - many of my favorites are like that. But for this type of game, I’ll stick by Chaos in the Old World or Cosmic Encounter. I enjoyed Root, I’ll gladly play it again, but it’s not something I must have on my shelf.
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