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Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles discussion thread

31 Dec 2018 20:26 #288970 by Sagrilarus

southernman wrote: Just spotted it in the UK - best price online is £44 !!! Good luck Ares getting a foothold over here without a massive price drop.

I just discovered the inside box has “So say we all” wrapped around it in big letters. Pretty cool.
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02 Jan 2019 17:22 #289109 by Michael Barnes
Review is coming, but I will leave this here.

If you are not interested in the git gud tournament scene and all the meta shenanigans, and if what you like about X-Wing is the flying and maneuvering over the upgrade card arms race...sell X-Wing now.

This is the best spaceship game I’ve ever played- I like it better than Armada.

It has -vector movement-. Not true vector, but the abstraction of it is genius. No calculator required. You can come in fast, do a full turn and burn (with drift to account for velocity) AND dive to get under something.

It is more complex, but the additional complexity buys a lot of detail and REAL depth, not that fake depth that card upgrades add.

Totally all in on this- which isn’t saying much, it will probably be like 4 ship packs beyond the starter. You DON’T want to run a huge fleet of ships. It shines with only two per side. Yes, it feels complete out of the box!
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