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...and another one - Hour of Glory

14 Jul 2008 23:35 #8631 by Schweig!
Finally got this game and played it!

I think it's a very good game, in the best spirit of ye olde GW.

One of my friends also loved it, I bet even more than I do. He went so far as to compare it to Wrasslin' - his favourite game.

I also got the miniatures which are really cool and the Guards are also very dynamic (which I like in miniatures). With the special you get 6 intruders (3 for each "stance"), 1 commander, 8 sentries and 8 guards. Maybe I'll upload some pictures when I finally painted them all.

I'd like to rate this a 9 on BGG now, but - you guessed it - the site's down.

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