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TOPIC: Combat Commander/ Great War Commander

Combat Commander/ Great War Commander 15 Jun 2018 10:25 #275458

Great War Commander

Scenario 06: "Dead Man's Hill"
Another Verdun scenario, this saw my Germans take on Liam's French across another shellhole pocked moonscape. Liam's force was comprised largely of Territoriaux (reservists), leavened with a few Ligne platoons. All the objectives were known to be worth 2VP, so he had a lot of ground to cover in his setup. In the end, he set up the bulk of his forces- with 2 leaders- on Hill 295 in his rear; and the rest divided into small companies on Hill 265- this position protected by wire, and in the rear covering another objective. My setup was essentially pre-determined, since I had to deploy on my map edge.

My opening barrage was largely uneventful, and I began trying to suppress the French HMG with my own. I moved a company up on my right to outflank the wire protecting Hill 265. They received OpFire, broke, and didn't rally when I played my Recover, but an event gave me Reinforcements, which turned out to be a team w/HMG, which I promptly stacked with my Highest Ranking Leader and his platoon w/HMG. This meant I was firing twice each time my HRL gave the order, which soon resulted in the suppression of the French HMG platoon. Then I started dropping gas attacks with my artillery. The first one drifted off target, but the second one landed square on Liam's HMG platoon. Already broken and suppressed, it broke again, and was eliminated.

With Liam's HMG dealt with, I turned my attention to Hill 265 with my main assault company, equipped with a flamethrower. A broken French unit died by an event, then Liam drew High Command Meddling as an event. It turned out that he had to move. He played his Assaults Strategy Card (moving units and leaders may enter an enemy occupied hex at the cost of becoming suppressed), and moved his two platoons on the hill into my assault group's hex, winning the overstacked melee, and putting the rest of my company Out of Cohesion. Shortly thereafter, he followed up by exiting the remaining platoon and its leader for VP.

The VP Liam picked up there, plus some bonus VP he gained via the Battlefield Attrition event, left me looking for a surrender victory. I pressed forward with my HRL's company, and soon was two kills away from winning. Liam had a platoon and a leader in the open on his map edge; I had my HRL's HMG stack drawing a bead on them. I fired the first HMG. They broke, but Liam generated the Malfunction event, which naturally targetted my other HMG, so the opportunity to win was lost. Liam retreated, but I followed up with an Offensive, which was when the final time trigger came through, and Liam won comfortably on VP on the first Sudden Death.

This, I have to say, was the most frustrating of defeats. I didn't do anything particularly wrong, and pushed Liam right the wire. In the end, I was undone by time triggers, which seemed to come thick and fast. I'm confident that I could've forced Liam's surrender with another deck or two.
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