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Expansion remorse: What makes an expansion good?

12 Mar 2018 18:35 #265501 by Ancient_of_MuMu
After having played with an expansion for a while I always try to sit back and assess whether it has improved the game and not be afraid of stripping it out. Once I realised that I didn't like Dungeonquest Catacombs and stripped it out many years ago it was a real eye opener to my view of expansions.
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12 Mar 2018 18:58 #265504 by san il defanso

Gary Sax wrote: They also fall into a category I'm generally QUITE wary of, the grab bag expansion model.

This is much more true of Seas of Glory than Civilizations. The former is truly modular, while the latter a much more complete experience.

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12 Mar 2018 19:11 - 12 Mar 2018 19:13 #265505 by southernman

Southernman wrote:

Shellhead wrote: I disliked most of the expansion material for BSG. It was like the show, in a way, in that each additional expansion seemed worse than the one before, just like each additional season got worse. Making them ala carte was a different kind of pain, potentially forcing a long discussion of what to use before each game. In my opinion, there were only two problems with the base game: the gamey balancing element of the sympathizer, and the potential for a long easy stretch with no new base ships showing up. I wish FFG had fixed those two issues before publishing the game, but since they didn't, it would have been nice if they had published a mini-expansion that fixed just those two elements.

1. It's no surprise that someone who disliked the show would dislike the expansions that basically were each following season :-)
2. The fix for the 'quiet' space issue was as simple as building the crisis deck like many other games did (many BSG players did), shuffling in the Cylon fleet cards evenly dispersed through the deck.
3. Yeah, Sympathizer sucked in that you could game whose side they came out on and playing it sucked (my main hate of it and why I don't play with it). Back when the game came out I actually made some tables based on distance jumped and state of the resources (and a dice roll I think) to determine which way the symp flipped (I'm sure i mentioned or posted it here at the time and think that it may have even been you who liked it ... but it was a while back so don't trust memories that much) ... but since I still hated playing the symp and there was a chance I'd be it I never used it in the end.

Ha - just found the post where I mentioned my CRT chart for the sympathiser (it was during our one and only PBF game of BSG) and it was KingPut who liked the look of it ... I bet none of us ever used it :-)
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