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Let's Talk - Team Games

09 Nov 2018 10:35 #285777 by southernman
Replied by southernman on topic Let's Talk - Team Games

SuperflyTNT wrote: The thing is that they all kind of do the same thing: beat each other up until one side dies. There’s not too many (if any) games where two teams are competing to solve tasks fastest (like pick up and deliver races) or to solve mysteries (A competitive Exit! or Android game) which is unfortunate.

Well BSG does have asymmetric win conditions but I can't think of any other boardgames that do, just card and minis-type (Battlelore, M'44, Tide of Iron, Heroscape) games.
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09 Nov 2018 23:27 #285851 by Hadik
Replied by Hadik on topic Let's Talk - Team Games
Quartermaster General 1914 - albeit after only one solo play - is a solid team game. There are five teams: British/Americans, French/Italians and Russians versus Germany and the Austrians/Ottomans. The game scales between 2-5 players. Two-nation teams like the British/American draw from a common deck though the cards are usually unique to the nation. This makes for more resources to play with but difficult decisions. Decisions are already tough because cards have more than on possible use, and have a fun puzzle feeling.

A key mechanic is “preparing” cards by ferreting them away in a separate “prepared” deck. You can stockpile prepared sustained attack or defend cards to help win battles. It is kind of the only way to gain or protect ground and objectives.

A major way to help a team mate is to make soak-off attacks where you force an enemy nation to defend from their prepared deck so that they become vulnerable in another area.

It’s not a difficult game but it will take a few plays to learn the cards and better combos. I was considering it for my group, but I think Battle for Rokugan will be an easier/funner Friday night game.

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