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Shivers of Anticipation - What Games Are You Looking Forward To

16 Oct 2019 07:22 #302518 by mc

mc wrote: Don't know when it's coming but Cole Wehrle's new leder games project is going to be a must for me. A historiography inspired thing about the ebb and flow of history - both what happens but also what is remembered - where each new game is dependent on the ones that have already been played. ... I recognise the potential vanity of it and the possibility that it just doesn't work , but the idea sounds like so much my bag it's like the stitching holding it together.

So they've started releasing actual info about this now. Cole has begun his designer diary. It's called Oath: Something Something. Still keen.

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17 Oct 2019 23:31 #302563 by Sagrilarus
Yeah, Valor & Victory is moving up to 7/8" counters and a boxed set, limited (numbered copies) run. Sounds like I need to get it on the Christmas list.

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