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TOPIC: Nintendo Switch Marketing

Nintendo Switch Marketing 02 May 2017 18:50 #247622

So um, yeah. Nintendo has decided to remind the general public that they actually still exist. Anyone that has been to a Target recently can see that it's been re-themed into a Mario Kart advertisement. I thought that was cool. Then I noticed they were doing a cross promotional campaign with McDonald's to put Mario toys in Happy Meals. Did I, a grown man, walk into a McDonald's and order a Happy Meal for himself? No. I order two of those mother fuckers!

I recount the whole idiotic quest over at the Wolfman's Lounge.

What do you guys think of Nintendo's recent marketing attempts? They did a Super Bowl ad which was surprising, not to mention the whole Jimmy Fallon PR stuff. After how badly they marketed the Wii U I'm glad to see they're at least trying. Plus, stuff like Mario Kart taking over a Target is just silly and fun. You know, the kind of stuff that video games should be!
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Nintendo Switch Marketing 02 May 2017 19:38 #247627

They are certainly selling the "play anywhere" thing really well. The commercial that ends in the minivan with the brother and sister battling it out playing Mario Kart is a really good ad.

The "Xbox anywhere" ads are humiliating compared to this cuz you can't really play anywhere. You need three different systems to do it. With Switch you only need one
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