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Let Us Now Praise Excellent Blogs

20 May 2020 19:36 #310487 by dysjunct
Do you need reading material while you are in quarantine? How about a deep analysis of the Battle of Helm's Deep, written from the perspective of a military historian?

The Battle of Helm's Deep, part I: Bargaining for Goods at Helm's Gate

(3 parts in total.)

A truly excellent series, which does a masterful job of explaining the background of all the decisions leading up to the battle. A little critical of the movie's treatment of the battle (while being understanding of the narrative concessions which must be made for the medium of film). Lots of fodder for your RPGing: why are fortresses important? Why can't you just ignore them and raze the countryside? How should you best protect refugees fleeing a city? Etc.

There's also a six-part series on the Siege of Gondor, which I haven't gotten to yet:

The Siege of Gondor, part I: Professionals Talk Logistics

I've never been a big milhist guy, but this is all lovely. The author appears to play a lot of computer strategy games and has lots of critical things about them as well. Every fun little thing has a lovely digression full of juicy tidbits:

- Why did Rome capture territories which fielded war elephants, but chose not to adopt war elephants themselves?
- Why exactly does an army "travel on its stomach," how does it do that, and what are the strategic implications of such?
- Light mounted bowmen have superior range to all other weapons, and superior speed to all other units. So how do you beat them?

Etc. Highly recommended!

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21 May 2020 03:40 #310496 by Greg Aleknevicus
I just finished the Siege of Gondor posts -- great stuff! Thanks!
The following user(s) said Thank You: dysjunct

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