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Rogue Trader boxed game...

28 Aug 2018 21:20 #280576 by CranBerries

Michael Barnes wrote: There are a couple of elements I’m pretty sure they don’t want spoiled. But I will say that this set suggests a very different identity for KT than “ faction skirmish ”.

I’m pretty sure it is OK to point out that it is NOT actually a “boxed game”. It is a KT expansion .

Also- hang on to your Necromunda tiles .

Enhanced translations for the non-GW readers.

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28 Aug 2018 21:36 #280577 by Michael Barnes
“Toy soldiers shoot othe toy soldiers by rolling dice to determine who wins”
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28 Aug 2018 22:11 #280578 by Shellhead
Eventually Games Workshop could latch onto the legacy fad. When you inflict damage on enemy units, you get to physically damage the figures. Players will need to buy even more figures and paints to keep their armies competitive.
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08 Sep 2018 15:32 #281293 by Michael Barnes
Embargo lifted!

Five star review forthcoming this week...but some key points:

- this is one of my favorite GW releases EVER.

- Basically, it’s a Cowboy Bebop/Firefly group of ragtag Rogue Traders led by the lady pirate Elucia Vhane with a retinue of Voidsmen (the Buck Rogers looking dudes) and their dog versus Nurgled-up Gellerpox zombies including one with a furnace in his stomach and another with a giant meat cleaver and way too many faces. The characters are awesome.

- Everything is molded in color so you don’t have to paint anything.

- it is in fact n expansion to Kill Team- it does not include the rule book. With that said, if you have the rules then this is a complete game with two full 100 point teams, two killzones (a spaceship and a temple), scenarios, a campaign, and terrain.

- the expansion stuff is minor but important. It adds rules for close quarters, “indoors” fighting- basically a Zone Mortalis thing.

- There are also new commander rules that change things pretty dramatically- you pay for your commander on top of your 100 pt team and they get a bunch of new abilities...this will be expanded in the Kill Team: Commanders expansion which is mentioned in passing in the book.

- there are also mini codices for playing these figures in big 40k- a really nice touch!

- the scenarios are really fun- love the heist in particular.

In all, this is a looser, more freewheeling kind of tone for 40k. It reminds me very much of the classic late 80s Warhammer vibe. I think it suggests that KT has the potential to go beyond “40k lite” and develop its own identity.
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08 Sep 2018 16:45 #281296 by Colorcrayons
One day, I will wake up and the classic vibe will have returned, heralded by the phrase "Kil Kil Kil".

Until that time, I shall remain asleep in my cave surrounded by the One and Only True Rogue Trader.

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10 Sep 2018 10:54 #281378 by Dr. Lao
Replied by Dr. Lao on topic Rogue Trader boxed game...
So I'm still going back and forth. I have KT and a Necron force and I'm considering this, but Adeptus Titanicus is eating my money right now.

What I'm wondering is two-fold:
-How "complete" is the game on its own? I don't have an interest in running either as a KT. But if the narrative campaign, though light at four missions, is satisfying as a long afternoon or weekend event I'm interested. Do the narrative campaigns connect together in any way? Any perma-death for the characters? Lingering effects mission to mission? Level of success (or failure) carry over to the next mission? In other words: Can I treat it like a one off boxed game and enjoy the contents like that? Or...

-Will the new elements introduced here like Commanders, Specialists that don't count as Specialists, Increase to 150 points...Does it seem like this is the next "step" for KT? And be almost necessary? Kind of like Malign Sorcery for AoS where it isn't necessary but opens up a lot of game if you do have?
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10 Sep 2018 11:12 #281379 by charlest
Replied by charlest on topic Rogue Trader boxed game...
I really enjoy this expansion, but I feel it's a little awkward.

It wants to be a complete narrative box that has its own campaign, two distinct Kill Teams that are totally unique, and tell its own specific story. It feels like Space Hulk or WHQ in that it's an isolated thing that doesn't care about Kill Team on the whole.

It very much satisfies your number 1 Dr. Lao. That feels like the product's identity.

But, it has a big issue in this regard in that you need the Kill Team core rules to play. That just seems odd due to how singular and isolated it feels.

YET, it also wants to expand existing campaigns of Kill Team. You can use these Commander rules in your regular KTs, plus they allude there's going to be a bigger expansion introducing the full rules for Commanders. You can also use the two Killzones in your games of KT. Finally, you can run the new Kill Teams in a campaign.

That last bit is very odd. These groups are full of characters and very specific in fluff. This is completely opposite of the KT core set where you roll on charts and pen your own identity. It also presents problems because what if two people in your group want to run Rogue Trader squads? They both use Elucia Vhane? Huh?

It's a great expansion but I kind of wish we had a KT expansion that allowed for generic Rogue Trader Kill Teams with more support in that regard. It just feels odd.

Also, in hindsight, this is the type of product Necromunda should have been. A big box expansion with its own campaign that could be blended with KT.

Concerning Dr. Lao's second question - I don't feel like Commanders are the next step for KT. I mean, they literally are in terms of expansion content, but these characters don't level up and they can provide XP boons for opponent's that take them out. So you may see some of their use but I don't think everyone will be running Commanders.
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