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Dragon Rampant questions

14 Apr 2019 19:57 #295492 by blatz
Replied by blatz on topic Dragon Rampant questions
Finished my T-Rex. These D&D Nolzur’s unpainted models are pretty great
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19 Apr 2019 17:35 #295785 by Michael Barnes
I’ve really gotten into doing a “traditional” fantasy miniatures collection...square, grassy bases and simple, old timely paint schemes.

So I’m just about 75 percent done with my Goblin army- it’s 30 Oathmark infantry, six metal characters, and 4 Reaper Bones Ogres. I got the Little Big Man transfers to go on their shields and banners. Was going to do them with a blue-gray skin in homage to the Rankin-Bass Tolkien stuff, but it looked terrible. So they are a light olive. Tried to do something more traditional and less cartoony than the GW standard. Did good old bad guy red and black for their main colors. They might get some Gnoll support.

Dwarves are getting their 30 man base, the six characters, and A Griffin and Fucking Owlbear from Reaper Bones. It’s all built but not painted. They are going to be a hill dwarf army, sort of a Celtic/Viking thing on their transfers in green and gold. When the Oathmark Heavy Infantry comes out, that will add some Elites with two-handed weapons.

I have the Elves too- same 30 man base, six characters. Right now they have two Heroscape dragons (whatever the green one is) but I’m thinking about other monster options for them. They have a kind of sea elves deal going on with their transfers so I might do some kind of aquatic thing or a sea dragon.

My standing Skaven army, fully painted, direly needs some Jezzails. But $45 for 3....darn.

The overall goal is to have a few versatile, medium sized armies that can be used in multiple game systems...and to keep it all with a 70s/80s vibe. I love the Age of Sigmar stuff, but I’m kind of pining for simpler times.

I really like the Oathmark models. They are just like the Frostgrave plastics, and they are more like true toy soldiers than, say, a Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunter. They build and paint up quickly and there is an absolute minimum of bullshit details.

For DR, Im running mostly 5 man reduced model groups. So not huge R&F units...yet!

As for terrain, I got this neat set of 2D neoprene river pieces for like $25. A Bolt Action stone bridge that fits it perfectly. Some colored MDF buildings from War World...that I just about set fire to because they were a total pain in the ass to put together. I used like a whole bottle of wood glue on them. They look pretty good and are REALLY inexpensive (with a sale and a £5 new customer coupon they were like $35 shipped). But the stream of profanities as I assembled them last night...wow.

Still haven’t played...trying to get that happening this weekend. I’m going to try the Song of Blades and Heroes rules too. And maybe the new Saga set with Age of Magic, it looks really neat. Thinking about trying “Fantasy Bolt Action”, Warlords of Erewhon, as well. But DR looks like it is exactly what I want, and with summer coming up I’m hoping to get my kids involved in creating a story that we can play through with a few games.
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