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June 24, 2022
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A beginner's Warhammer 40K questions

12 Feb 2010 10:57 #55429 by Rliyen
Columbob wrote:

Rliyen wrote:

generalpf wrote:

The rule about instant death is still there, I hadn't considered that since the Tactical Squad missile launcher can launch a Krak missile with Strength 8.

What does T 4 (5) mean for the Deffkopta? When does T = 5?

Ah, I see. The T5 is just like the bikes for the marines. The 5 in parenthesis is the coptas toughness. The reasoning is that the Ork is more protected by riding in it. So, it won't be insta killed, but still has to worry a lot about people with missile launchers (easier to score a wound, ignoring an armor save). Heavy Bolters a little (4+ to wound, possible negation of an armor save), and Lasguns (need a 6 in order to wound), as long as it's not a crapload of men at short range, not so much.

The Koptas are still auto-killed by a shot from the krak missile, because (in previous editions, never checked 5th) you use the model's base toughness to check for instant death. You still use T5 to check for wounds, but that doesn't change anything if the S of the weapon is at least 2 higher anyways.

Yes, that's right. I knew they had a reason for the (5) in parenthesis.

So yeah, what I'd do in the marines' shoes, I'd target everything on the Deff koptas right off the bat, assuming you're in range. Does the dreadnought come with something else than a multi-melta? Otherwise that would be 6 storm bolters (12 S4 shots at 24") from the terminators and dreadnought, 1 multimelta (1 S8 at 24") for an autokill, 1 krak missile launcher (1 S8 at 48") and 7 bolters from the marines and another from the commander (8 S4 at 24"). So two chances of an autokill on the koptas, plus enough bolter shots to take down any survivors.

You could also try to keep your dreadnought in cover to make him hull down, that would convert any penetrating hits to glancing only.

I also wondered why the Koptaz were popping the dread so easily, especially with the multiple ways you can equip the damn thing. Essentially, it's a tank on legs. The Hull down maneuver is good advice and standard op for me when I play my Imperial Guard.

About the attacks characteristic you were wondering about, every model is assumed to be equipped with a basic hand weapon, which is why each model usually has at least an A1 characteristic. Marines usually have a combat knife (I wouldn't use my launcher or flamer as a club, it probably wouldn't work properly after that), but they're living weapons themselves and a punch or chop from one of them could pulverize your skull anyways.

Check your marine sergeant model. Sure he's pointing with one of his arms, but he probably has a holster with a bolt pistol at his waist. So he gets +1 attack in close combat, another +1 if the unit charges. And he can shoot at short range.

Have fun!

Yes, you're right about the sgt. They're normally armed with a holdout weapon, besides the sword (not to mention the ways you can give extra equipment to the leader of your squads).

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