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TOPIC: Netrunner (and LCGs)

Netrunner (and LCGs) 14 Feb 2016 18:32 #222450

If you want to limit yourself, just don't by *any*thing aside for 1 core set. I do that with Conquest. Switching in/out neutral cards isn't much of a hassle, and I don't need to do deck building *at all*. It's not that balanced (I think Tau is very strong), but extremely fine for casual play. We're not even playing a legal deck (requiring you to ally with other race). Just single race plus 6 neutral cards. It's fun.
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Netrunner (and LCGs) 15 Feb 2016 00:45 #222464

Yeah, for casual play you don't need two cores. At least I didn't and am fine with it. However, I've spent more than a penny on expansion product. Again, try just the core set and evaluate if you even want to pursue it further. There is more than enough there to get a feel for whether you're going to want to invest further or not. You won't be out much, what, $26 online? It's very reasonable whatever it is.
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Netrunner (and LCGs) 15 Feb 2016 12:17 #222527

Mr. White wrote:
Pure curioisty, but how does the netrunner draft work? I was at a store tonight and they had draft starters (supposedly you can start a draft runner and Corp deck with one of these) and draft runner and Corp decks.

Can you only do drafts with these packs? Can't get a draft starter and use the card from the core for the rest?

Finally, does the core have enough cards for my son and I to each have a runner deck and a Corp deck (4 decks)?

I'll be honest, I have no idea how these draft starter packs work within the context of an LCG.

No, pretty sure you cannot have 4 decks built and sitting on the table at the same time with the content of the core set. You can build a deck for all the runner/corp factions within, but there isn't enough of the neutral cards to go around. You could just keep the decks partially constructed, though.
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Netrunner (and LCGs) 12 Nov 2016 11:10 #238172

It seems that FFG is noticing the decline of interest in Netrunner as they released a narrative/legacy style expansion for the base set. I'm actually looking forward to it. A small investment to get a new experience. At this moment the buy in to get back in competitive netrunner is too great.


What the hell am I gonna do with all these other cards though? Unloading a large netrunner collection seems like a huge loss, as there isn't too much interest in here nationally and the people that are already have every card.... Guess It's a large storage container next apart from the baseset. Guess I can make a huge draft cube. But I'd rather draft Magic:tg all day every day.
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Netrunner (and LCGs) 12 Nov 2016 12:36 #238178

Wow. This is out of nowhere for me and I think it is an awesome idea. I think I'm in for this.
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Netrunner (and LCGs) 12 Nov 2016 13:11 #238183

This looks very interesting. Like very, very. Like the kind of innovative design FFG needs to do to stay on top.

And, please, just put Netrunner on Ipad. I promise to buy everything.
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Netrunner (and LCGs) 12 Sep 2017 10:15 #254113

Core 2.0 was finally revealed. A whole host of overpowered, degenerate, and non-interactive cards will rotate out of the game on October 1. Goodbye Noise, Account Siphon, Scorched Earth, Desperado, Parasite, HB: Engineering the Future, AstroScript Pilot Program, and many others. In their place, selected cards from the Genesis and Spin Cycles will be spared from rotation and swapped into Core 2.0.

Typically, FFG is going about rotation in close to the least understandable way imaginable. The physical Core 2.0 product won't be released in time for Worlds in the first week of November, but card legality will operate as though it was.
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Netrunner (and LCGs) 21 May 2018 13:52 #273832

Some years back I picked up the game hobby again as an adult and filled my closet with a metric shit-ton of games that I haven't played, or that reviewed well on ToS, but that were just kinda 'meh'.

Android:Netrunner was a standout. I put gaming down for a few years again, and now coming back to it I think. Now I see that Core 2.0 is out. So a few questions for those who play and/or are in the know:

1. Is this game's fan-base growing or shrinking? I only ever played the original 2012 core, and only as a kitchen table game. 2. If I want to introduce new players to play with, they'd be getting Core 2 I presume. Is it better/easier to get the new Core for myself, or can I easily/economically adjust my old core by picking up expansions and removing the obsolete cards from the original core?
3. Is the game as it stands today as fun as it was when re-released in 2012?


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Netrunner (and LCGs) 21 May 2018 14:09 #273834

1. I think players (competitive) probably peaked a couple years ago. There's still plenty of people out there, but it's never going to be as big.

2. You can't get a revised core at all right now (I think they come back in stock next month). It's probably going to be easier to buy a revised core when it's available again than to acquire the pieces from the first two cycles that are in the revised core to turn an old core into the revised. If you're going to buy multiple revised cores, it may very well end up cheaper to just buy someone's old collection.

3. Yes. It's still great. The flexibility in deck creation (though not necessarily in competitive play) is stronger than ever.
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