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Vampire: The Eternal Struggle returns!

08 May 2018 11:25 - 08 May 2018 11:28 #272876 by Jazzbeaux
Some games never die!


Vampire: The Eternal Struggle returns to print

Black Chantry Productions brings classic Vampire: The Masquerade-themed card game back to unlife

NOTTINGHAM – April 24, 2018

“We are really excited to do this, together with White Wolf Entertainment. Players all over the world have hungered for new cards for eight long years, and we are proud to serve. And of course, we aim to attract many new players too”, says Hugh Angseesing, CEO of Black Chantry Productions.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle has been called the best multiplayer collectible card game ever published. It is loved for its blend of strategy and social interaction, set in the classic urban horror game setting World of Darkness, home of the role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle has a vibrant player base all over the world, with both casual gamers around kitchen tables and those who travel to face the best competition. Hundreds of tournaments are played each year, including continental championships and a Grand Prix circuit in Europe.

Black Chantry Productions hope to both rekindle old players and attract new blood. The company is composed of five veteran Vampire: The Eternal Struggle players from five different countries and with various competences – ranging from art and finance to software design and marketing. All five have been active in the player community for many years, organising tournaments and promoting the game during its commercial absence.

“We are very passionate about this game, and we want to do everything right. White Wolf has trusted us with the license for this precious gem, a true masterpiece in the history of strategy games, and we have every intention to care for it”, says Hugh Angseesing.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle will be developed in concert with White Wolf Entertainment´s plans for the World of Darkness setting, and as an integrated part of their transmedia experience – all sorts of games and fiction set in the same shared world.

"Vampire: The Eternal Struggle has always been a one-of-a-kind. It is a game that defies established genres and has held its own for decades, a testament to its genius and original design. We at White Wolf are proud to be a part of the revival of what can truly be considered a classic”, says Karim Muammar, Creative Development, White Wolf Entertainment.

Products soon to be available

The first new Vampire: The Eternal Struggle products will be available shortly:

- Lost Kindred expansion bundle
- Keepers of Tradition reprint bundle 1
- Keepers of Tradition reprint bundle 2
- Heirs to the Blood reprint bundle 1
- Heirs to the Blood reprint bundle 2

Stay tuned for further announcements!

For more information


The history of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

1994: Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is first published under the name Jyhad. It is the second collectible card game created by Richard Garfield, inventor of Magic: The Gathering, later also known for Netrunner, Robo Rally, King of Tokyo and many other games.

1995: The name is changed to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.

1995-1997: Three expansion sets are released – Dark Sovereigns, Ancient Hearts and The Sabbat.

1997: The official player organization Vampire: Elder Kindred Network (V:EKN) is formed.

1999: The first continental championships in North America and Europe.

2000: White Wolf Publishing acquires control of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.

2000–2010: Another 18 expansion sets are released, including Camarilla Edition (“second edition” 2002) and the Sabbat-themed Third Edition (2006).

2010: Vampire: The Eternal Struggle and all other World of Darkness games are discontinued by White Wolf Publishing.

2011–2017: V: EKN continues to promote the game, creating four official print expansion sets.

2015: Paradox Interactive acquires White Wolf Publishing, forming White Wolf Entertainment and relaunching World of Darkness.

2017: Limited edition expansion Anthology is published for the event World of Darkness Berlin.

2018: Black Chantry Productions is formed and obtains the license to put Vampire: The Eternal Struggle back in print.

All sounds good to me, and the team in charge are all long time players. Indeed I have known Hugh since the first tournament I ran in Bath back in 2003! Maybe I will have to make a few introductory decks...

Cards are now available to buy from

Drivethru blackchantry

A Print on Demand company based in the US. Three sets are priced at $24 each, for 120 cards.
The first two are reprints from a previous set, while the third is all new.

Lost Kindred
Hidden for ages, unleashed at last
The lineage of the Kindred contains secrets within secrets. Lost and forgotten enemies returning for vengeance. Enslaved creations seeking liberation. A heritage known only through whispers and rumors. Each has its own destiny within the eternal struggle.
Black Chantry's first expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is Lost Kindred, which focuses on five of the Kindred bloodlines: Blood Brothers, Gargoyles, Harbingers of Skulls, Salubri antitribu, and Samedi.
This set is a fixed assortment of 120 cards from a collection of 41 all-new cards, consisting of 23 crypt cards and 18 library cards.

Contents below
numbers before each card for number of copies of that card in the bundle:
2 Agi
2 Dorka
2 Gabi
2 Viri
2 Zizi

3 Chalcedony
3 Handsome Dan
2 Porphyry
2 Sheela Na Gig
2 Verbruch

3 Angelique
3 Erebus
3 Erlik
2 Hecate
3 Kurshid

2 Castiel
2 Lailah
3 Michaela
3 Nuriel

3 Jean Lisle
3 Mambo Jeanne
2 Marie-Pierre
2 Mr. Schwartz

Crypt cards subtotal: 56


4 Acheron Vortex
2 Achilles Heel
2 Alvusia
4 Blade of Bellona
4 Blessed Blade
2 Blessings of the Loa
4 Blood Buff
4 Camaraderie
4 Children of Stone
4 Disciple of Lazarus
4 Emerald Legionnaire
4 Inevitability of the Void
4 Necrosis
4 Relentless Reaper
2 Righteous Aura
4 Their Master's Voice
4 Unleash the Hounds
4 Vengeful Spirit

Library cards subtotal: 64

Grand total: 120

Last edit: 08 May 2018 11:28 by Jazzbeaux.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Shellhead, ChristopherMD

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08 May 2018 12:05 #272884 by Shellhead
Great news. Jyhad/V:tes was one of my all-time favorite games, and I have played a lot of it over the years. My local play group kept playing for about a year after White Wolf discontinued, and even then the main reason they stopped playing was because of a toxic Iraqi War veteran in the group. Ben Peal is a great choice for the Black Chantry team, and I like that most of their team started playing Jyhad the year it came out.

The price and packaging of the new set is decent. The fixed quantities are nice because chasing rares was a hassle, and I hope they stick with the fixed sets. I'm also happy about the reprint bundles. By the time Keepers of Tradition and Heirs to the Blood were first published, I wasn't able to keep up with trying to collect each set and focused instead on just picking up one of every clan starter deck. Keepers soon became completely unavailable even on eBay, and Heirs booster boxes were going for $228 each.

I hope that they consider making clan starter decks again, as that is a way to make the game more accessible to new players. I also hope that they dial back the power creep of some of the final expansions for the game. I realize that they need to sell new cards to the existing player base, but making the old cards obsolete would undermine part of the reason for the loyalty of that player base.

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08 May 2018 15:42 #272896 by Shellhead
Setting aside the CCG aspect for a moment, Vampire really is one of the best multi-player games ever made. The game is structured so that you only get a victory point when you eliminate the player on your left. After that player is gone, you go after the person who is now on your left. Repeat. If you are the last player left in the game, you gain one additional victory point. There is also a voting element to the game, so you can find yourself sometimes considering situations at other places on the table, at least with respect to how you may or may not benefit from the vote at hand.

So king-making isn't normally an issue, because you are just focused on your prey. And also fending off that bastard on your right who is trying to get you. Leader bashing is also not normally an issue, because of your intense focus on the player on your left. Player interaction is mandatory, thanks constant conflict with your immediate neighbors plus votes that can involve the whole table, and those are also reasons why downtime between turns is tolerable even in a big game. Analysis paralysis is not usually a problem despite the complexity of the game, because you generally have just seven cards in your hand, and some are only usable for specific phases of the game and even specific situations.

Combat is deterministic in the sense that there is no random resolution like die-rolling. But your opponent always has a handful of cards that can surprise you, and draws a new card every time that he plays one. The combat defaults to a single and simple exchange of blows at close range. Various weapons, mystic abilities, and combat cards offer a lot of variety, introducing extra damage, extra attacks, damage prevention, maneuvers, grappling, ranged attacks, lethal damage, and the ability to make a combat last extra rounds or end without a single drop of blood spilled. The game often delivers a rich narrative, because most of the conflict plays out on the level of one character versus another character.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Gary Sax

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08 May 2018 17:14 #272901 by Gary Sax
I mean, honestly, I just don't see this selling a lot of copies from a dated license from a product sense.

Hopefully someone who knew their shit did the initial starter deck composition, that is something that I feel like FFG consistently falls down on in their LCGs.

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