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I'm building a Magic: The Gathering cube

13 May 2019 17:44 #296981 by Erik Twice
I've been in a card game mood lately and while my opinion of Magic shifts ever so wildly, no other game is as fun to think about as it. It's a lot of fun to read about its history, its cards, its archetypes. And I've always wanted to capture that on a casual level but all my attempts failed. I'm now trying something different, I'm building a cube.

A cube is a collection of cards you put together to draft. It's a bit like buying a bunch of boosters to play with your friends except you choose what cards are in those boosters. This means you can create the environment you like and play with cards you wouldn't otherwise. You can play a draft environment that has complex archetypes like Wildfire, sacrificing creatures or combo and take out cards you would rather not play with.

Here's the cube I'm looking to build. It's still not fully formed, but it's very solid and there are a lot of nifty things on it.

What do you think? Have you considered making one yourself?

By the way, if you draft it and post a pic, I'll truly appreciate it. Really welcome feedback on this :)
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14 May 2019 03:52 - 14 May 2019 05:50 #296985 by sornars
A former regular on fortressat helped me build a cube a few years back. I ended up with a rather straightforward Rise of Eldrazi block cube. I haven't played it as much as I would've liked as I shortly moved away and left it (and my regular playgroup) behind. I believe the composition of the cube was something along the lines of:
4x Common set
2x Uncommon set
1x Rare set
1x Mythic set

Dragonstout, if you're around, your services are requested! This is the original topic: therewillbe.games/forum/21-ccg-cmg-lcg/1...-player-s-first-cube
Last edit: 14 May 2019 05:50 by sornars. Reason: Added cube composition
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