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TOPIC: FS: Tyranid Army!

FS: Tyranid Army! 16 Nov 2018 12:50 #286268

Reducing down to Kill Team numbers here- this is over $500 worth of Nids, TWBG priced at $265 shipped:

Hive Tyrant with wings and 2x devourers (primed)

Tyrannocyte w/ deathspitters

Hive Crone

Screamer Killer Carnifex w/ scything claws (primed)

Carnifex w/ venom cannon and devourers (primed)


Tervigon (primed)

Trygon (primed and with one coat of Rakarth Flesh on some areas)

3x Raveners (primed and with one coat of Rakarth Flesh and some Carroburg Crimson wash)

10x Gargoyles

10x Termagaunts (primed and with one coat of Rakarth Flesh and Naggaroth Night on some carapace areas)

Photos are available if you need them but everything is complete and assembled well.
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