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10 Sep 2019 13:31 #301602 by Michael Barnes
Time to clear out some more space. Bringing in a few too many “keepers” lately so cuts have to be made.

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress with Dreaded Ambull and Traitor Command expansions- all minis except the TC sprue assembled. Excellent condition and complete, of course. Included plastic storage box for the hostile minis. $150 shipped

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Vault- kid friendly B&N exclusive with six push for Stormcast models, 3 of which are still on sprue $35 shipped.

Mantic Kings of War Undead Army (great for Dragon Rampant!)- this is a lot of 28x Skeletons with hand weapon and shield,
12x Skeletons with Spears/Shields, 10x Skeleton archers, 5x Soul Reaver Cavalry. All assembled but unpainted. Also throwing in a couple of nice Reaper Dark Heaven vampires not on the eBay post. Photo is on this eBay listing -

Sorceror- White Wizard CCG in a box. $35 shipped

Frostgrave Book Lot- every Frostgrave book published to date and both card sets- $85 shipped

Reality’s Edge- Osprey’s new Cyberpunk minis rules that I -do not- need to get into right now- $25 shipped

Tales and Games collection- the first six Iello Tales and Games titles- Hare & Tortoise, Baba Yaga, Grasshopper & Ant, Aladdin, Pied Piper, Three Little Pigs. Great kids games- $65 shipped

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