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Outback Crossing Review

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FS: First Batch of Games

10 Nov 2022 02:45 #336729 by Space Ghost
Ok -- the time has come for me to buy a car, so I am trying to get rid of some games (also, I think I have reached the time in my life where I just want a lot fewer games).

For the games below, shipping is included in the price anywhere in the US -- everything should be a bit less (especially when considering shipping) than elsewhere.

- Legends of Andor: The Last Hope ($30): Independent standalone in the same universe as Legends of Andor. Good game. This one is in shrink.

- Apex Deck Building Game ($100): A long box of dinosaur deck-building greatness

- Fury of Dracula ($75): Great hidden movement game.

- 4 boxes of Terra Tiles ($100): A bunch of tiles that can be used for adventures and what not

- Sea Fall ($20): In shrink. No time in my life for legacy things like this

- Time Barons ($25): A good card game, but not what I was looking for in a time travel game

- Hermagor ($25): Just not up my alley

- War Time ($30): A fun "real-time" War game.

- City of Remanants ($50): A gift

- Tentacle Town ($30): Barnes' review copy.

- Cage Battle ($20): A fun little dice/dexterity wrestling game

- Evo ($80): OOP 2nd edition with better art

- Lost Cities - Board Game ($30): Fun game; my wife prefers the card game though

- Rush n' Crush ($20): I have enough racing games, so this should be on its way

- Pirate King ($20): Light thematic roll-and-move pirate game

- Cutthroat Caverns (Base Game + expansions; $80): Not my type of game

- Xenoshyft Onslaught ($80): Includes the expansion. Never played

- Nostra City ($30): Never played.

- Prophecy - 3 Game Set ($100): Base game, Dragon Expansion, Water Expansion all in shrink. Sold this once and then someone gifted it back to me. Good game, but I am invested in Talisman instead.

- Lineage II ($65): OOP Korean board game

-Banditos ($15): Weird heist game. Think I got this from Pete. A bit of water damage on the bottom of the box (the kind you only notice when you rub your hand across the box)

-Blood Berets ($50)

- Battle for Souls ($20)

- Caveman ($40)

- Gravediggers ($15): Knizia auction game.

- Camelot ($15): In shrink

- Dragon Rage ($100): OOP Pulsipher game.

- Police Precinct + Expansion ($60): Co-op police game

- StarQuest (Space Crusade; $200): HeroQuest in Space. Extremely difficult to find

- Escape from Goblin Town ($200): GW game.

- Temporum ($25): Time travel game where you switch time streams. Neat enough.

- 7th Guest + Expansion ($40): Based on the computer game. Still in shrink - was a gift.

- Cowboys Way of the Gun ($25): A gift, but I have Gunslinger, so never played this

- Battle for Pandora Prime ($25): GW 40,000 game -- still in shrink

- Gretchinz ($20) - GW racing game

- Streets of Steel (Kickin Asphalt/ Rush 'n Scare) with minis ($75): Both boxes and all minis

- Tides of Time ($10): Neat little card game

- Underwater Cities ($32): Worker placement game -- not my cup of tea

- Underwater Cities: New Discoveries ($32): See above

- Fallen ($50): Neat little adventure game

- First and Goal + 24 expansion teams ($80): Good dice football game. Superseded by Techno Bowl for me

- Zombie Princess ($25)

- Dungeon Run ($80): OOP dugeoncrawl by Mr. Bistro. Never played.

- Quest: Attack of the Orcs ($25)

- Boots on the Ground ($25): never played

- Dilbert ($25): Comes with little minis. Cool if you like the comic.

- Quarriors Super Collection ($100): Quarriors plus several expansions and collector's tin.

- Doctor Who Time Clash Starter Set ($15)

-Bunny Bunny Moose Moose ($15)

-Back to the Future - IDW ($25)

- High Heavens - Egyptian Expansion $25

-High Heavens - Terrain pack ($10)

- High Heavens base game ($50)

- High Heavens with all expansions ($80)

- Barkers Row ($20)

- Back to the Future Card Game ($40): OOP in Shrink

- Island of Dr. Necreaux ($10)

- Suicide Bomber Card Game ($10)

- MCP - Punisher and Taskmaster ($25): In shrink

-MCP - Ghostrider ($25): In shrink

-Ra the Dice Game ($80): OOP - fun dice game if that is your thing

-Marvel Champions Wrecking Crew ($10): In shrink

-Legions of Steel minis set ($250): A pile of old school Legion of Steel minis. 62 minis of various characters. Then about 10 minis that have a missing arm or such.

The next batch of games will have some kickstarter stuff (Joan of Arc, Zombicide Season 1 with some exclusives, Rum & Bones, Cthulhu Wars, and a bunch of GW Age of Sigmar stuff)
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10 Nov 2022 07:22 #336733 by Legomancer
Replied by Legomancer on topic FS: First Batch of Games
I already have it but Ra the Dice Game is a lot of fun and seems to be forever OOP.

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10 Nov 2022 16:17 #336753 by Space Ghost
Adding in:

Minion Hunter (1992) w/expansion kit: $50

Escape from New York (TSR; 1981): $150 (for rarity and condition). For some weird reason, I had two copies growing up -- I think two different grandparents gave me the same game. Anyway, this is the unplayed version I had. This is more if you are a fan of the movie than anything else. I reviewed it almost a decade ago
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16 Nov 2022 15:18 #336866 by the_jake_1973
Someone should jump on Nostra City. Really fun game.
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