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What BOARD GAME(s) have you been playing?

22 Mar 2019 14:33 - 22 Mar 2019 14:34 #294279 by charlest
At game night last night we broke out Cthulhu Wars again. It was our first game without the Ancients in quite awhile. Tossed in Nodens and two other neutral Great Old Ones - I ended up grabbing one of them and can't even remember its name. I was Cthulhu and up against Crawling Chaos, Opener, and Black Goat. All very experienced players. Great game as always.

Opener made his big move to end the game and everyone tried to beat him down on the following round (he was at 27 Doom with 1 Eldar sign). He crossed the 30 plateau and ended up with 32. Fortunately for me I ended up with 36 due to a mess of my own ES and controlling 4 gates in the final round. I killed lots of stuff and only lost Cthulhu himself once.

Then we broke out Mech Command RTS again for a 2v2 matchup. I dig this game and its quirkiness, but some of the scenarios are just not up to snuff. They're varied and each present different tactical challenges, but a couple of times we've hit setups that want you to focus on objectives at the expense of attacking each other.

So for this one we needed to destroy buildings and then collect salvage with our support trucks. The other team went at us hard while we focused on the objectives mostly, with my mech built for speed and attempting to flank the opponents and focus down their trucks. This worked as we absorbed most of the hits and gained a lead in VP quickly due to pulling back salvage.

This scenario was a bit of a stinker because there was little overall incentive to attack the opponent's mechs, which is indeed the best part in the game. It was neat seeing the tank chassis for the first time and some heavier weapons. My highlight was boosting over a skyscraper and dropping down behind the opposing tank, getting in two quick slashes with my energy blade and then firing at him point blank with my blaster.

Afterwards we pulled out Sail to India. It was my third play over a span of several years and I still think it's fine. I won, so there's that.

We closed with two four player games of Hellapagos. This seems to get played every week now. We'll probably stow it away for awhile soon, but it's still bringing surprises and laughs.

Our first play here saw a ballsy maneuver of a player throwing down fruit basket on turn 1. Yes, it killed all of our food and water. He had a food and water card in hand and though he may be able to survive the round and get some cards from nearby deaths, then make it out all alone later. It was ill advised.
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