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TOPIC: Games in tropical climates

Games in tropical climates 03 Nov 2017 08:06 #256919

In prepping for our move to the Philippines, one of our contacts there warned us that mold is a constant and pervasive problem there. Tropical humidity and temperatures that are forever between 80-90 degrees (or between 25-30 degrees C for the rest of the world) makes it really hard for paper products to stay dry and not grow mold and mildew.

This is making me think long and hard about taking any games at all, but while I'm thinking about that I was wondering if any F:ATties could give me some insight into storing games in a tropical climate. Are silica gel desiccant packets useful at all? I do not know my access to things like a dehumidifier or AC, so any advice would be appreciated. Right now I'm inclined to leave any game that I would not be alright losing to the humidity.

Who do we have here who lives in really hot humid places? I believe that Sevej lives in Indonesia, right?
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Games in tropical climates 03 Nov 2017 17:34 #256992


FB Message my man Tom. Tell him I’m your friend. Ask him.

He’s lived in Costa Rica with a large supply of games for a decade or more.
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