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Thunder and Lightning Review

25 Apr 2016 00:58 #226419 by Matt Thrower

The biggest shock I got from Thunder and Lightning was seeing Richard Borg's name on the cover. He's become so synonymous with the Commands and Colours series that it seemed bizarre to remember he had, on occasion, designed other games. One of them was a 2-player card game called Hera and Zeus which has now been reskinned, rethemed and retitled as Thunder and Lightning.

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25 Apr 2016 10:41 #226420 by edulis
Replied by edulis on topic Thunder and Lightning Review
I am a big fan of Hera and Zeus... the Hera deck is a little warped from a beer spillage, might look into this version.

Does anyone know if there are changes other than art to the game?

You mentioned wanting to keep 3 columns for maximum actions each turn, one thing repeated plays have taught me is there is a time when you want multiple actions and other times (late game) where having lots of actions can cause you to lose the game, because if you can't use all your actions in a turn you lose.

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