What is in a name?

16 Jun 2009 04:54 #268609 by hancock.tom
1.  Toboggans of Doom


In between reading high brow discussion about game design theory and pontificating about the relative lack of immersive narrative in today's games, I spend a lot of time making fun of games.  Other than bad box art (which is like shooting fish in a barrel) and games where the other players around the table are just decorations which have nothing to do with the puzzle you are working, my favorite target is stupid board game names.  Many are pretentious, attempt to draw attention away from the content of the game, or are otherwise misleading in some funny way.  Mostly I just like to make fun of stuff, and that definitely extends to board game names.

So, without further ado, here are some board game names I think are ripe for ridicule.


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