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April 16, 2021
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April 08, 2021
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April 08, 2021
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My Spiel 2014 longlist

13 Oct 2014 15:34 #268663 by jur
My Spiel 2014 longlist was created by jur
Having browsed...

Having browsed the lists of games coming out at Spiel, and with some suggestions from others, I have come to this list of games I will be looking out for. It's adding up to about fifty, so I've narrowed it down to over a dozen games that I really would like to know more about and the rest would be nice. Of course I've now got an idea what they are about.



Stuff that gives me a good feeling


  • 15 Dias. My old time friend: el Conde-Duque de Olivares
  • 1944: Race to the Rhine. Always been fascinated by the logistics of this campaign. Check out Matt Thrower's review
  • Coup: Reformation. I just loved Coup.
  • First to Fight. will be interesting to see what they can make out of this
  • Gothic Invasion. great subject, plus multiplayer. And good to see Greek publishers attending!
  • Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice. Dice rolling, and looks good.
  • Battle of the Five Armies. The guys from War of the Ring at it again. Not an Essen release but who cares?
  • Mahardika. Fascinating to find a game about the Indonesian War of Liberation. As a Dutchman I'm used to watch it from the other perspective so I should learn a lot from this (maybe more about current perceptions of the war in Indonesia than what actually happened). But I'll be curious about their handling of British troops, Dutch internees in camps, Dutch atrocities, Moloccans etc
  • Marchia Orientalis. As a fan of the Holy Roman Empire (although I do not seek a return to it), this could be right up my alley
  • Mat Goceng. Interesting piece of Dutch/Indonesian colonial history from the Indonesian viewpoint.And good to see Indonesian publishers attending!
  • Mythotopia. Wallace's multiplayer version of A Few Acres of Snow
  • Raid and Trade. theme and minis promising
  • Samurai Spirit. The 7 samurai in game form, with a very postive review from SU&SD
  • Tragedy Looper. See Charlie Theel's review on 2D6
  • Wir sind das Volk! Interesting to see that somebody thinks East Germany could have beaten West.



Check out my list on boardgamegeek if you want to have a closer look at the games. 

And the Spielbox overview of all the games released at Spiel. So you can figure out stand numbers if you intend to visit yourself.



I will be tweeting @jurdj as always.



Stuff that might be good, but perhaps not

I might pick up one the cheaper ones


  • €uro Crisis
  • Abraca... what?
  • Abyss
  • Airborne Commander
  • Athlas: Duel for Divinity
  • Conan: Hyborian Quests
  • Corto: The Secrets of Venice
  • Cyclades: Titans
  • Dixit: Daydreams
  • Empire Engine
  • Fantastiqa
  • Fief: France 1429
  • Fresh Fish
  • Greenland
  • Guatemala 1954
  • Hyperborea
  • Illegal
  • Lost Legacy
  • Memorable Stories
  • New Dawn
  • Night of the Grand Octopus
  • Onward to Venus
  • Patchistory
  • Pocket Imperium
  • Quartermaster General
  • Romans Go Home!
  • Stimmvieh
  • Swedish Parliament 2014
  • The Walled City: Londonderry & Borderlands
  • Tiny Epic Kingdoms
  • Unicum
  • Uruk II: Die Entwicklung Geht Weiter
  • Vérone

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