Into the Valley of Fire

27 Sep 2009 22:00 #268673 by Matt Thrower
Long was my road, but eventually I came to the...


This is the testament of Oda, loyal Samurai to the Shogun Asakura who has travelled far and endured much in the service of his lord and wishes now to set down his deeds and the wondrous things that he has seen before daring the last step toward his goal. Meji, a Monk in one of my lords temples, had one night a prophetic dream in which he swooped low over foreign, western lands and saw a valley of flames, and beyond a crown which would enable the bearer to command others to do his bidding. Meji swore that this was no ordinary dream but a true vision from the celestial Emperor himself. My Shogun desired this crown and sent me, Oda, far into the lands of the Gaijin to seek for it.

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