The Dark Knight Rises - Tow Jockey Five Second Review

22 Jul 2012 18:47 #269053 by repoman
Look at me. Are you looking at me? Good. Now...

Look at me. Are you looking at me? Good. Now listen to what I'm about to say and believe. Do you remember in Empire Strikes Back when Luke asks Biggs how he feels as he is getting into the snow speeder to engage in the doomed delaying action as the base on Hoth crumbles around him and Biggs says "I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself!" and you wanted to push Luke out of the way and get in that speeder yourself"? Do you remember in The Wrath of Khan when Kirk yells "Fire!" after the codes to lower the Khan's shields have been sent and the Enterprise blows the Reliant all to hell? Do you remember in Saving Private Ryan when Captain Miller is firing his .45 pistol at the advancing panzer and the bullets are just bouncing off and then the Mustang swoops in and blows that fucker up? This whole movie is like that. Meeting and exceeding expectations. That such an uncompromising blockbuster can still come out of Hollywood makes me want to jump for joy. The only real question is "Why are you wasting the five seconds to read this review when you could be spending the time getting you, your family, and everyone you have ever loved to the theater to see this movie so that you can share 164 minutes of pure bliss with them?"

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